Seeking an odds calculator for Texas Hold em

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Carl Johnson, May 2, 2006.

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    I'm trying to expand my poker knowledge base before my friend from work throws his next poker party. I've played hold em online a thousand times and a couple of times more with real cards. I want to have the ability to approximate the odds of winning a hand based on the number of players at the table and the cards that I'm dealt. I've found multiple websites that will tell me the odds of winning if I take the time to enter what's in everybody's hand but I just want to deal with what's in my hand. There has got to be a program or spreadsheet out there that can calculate how good a pair of twos is as compared to a suited A and J. Has anybody encountered such a calculator?

  2. Brad Porter

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    Just pre-flop odds?

    Higher pair vs lower pair - 4.5:1
    Pair vs overcards - 11:9
    Pair vs undercards - 5:1
    Pair vs overcard + undercard - 5:2
    Overcards vs undercards - 5:3

    Whether the cards are suited or connected only moves the percentages a small amount, so it isn't something you should consider pre-flop.

    After the flop you have to start calculating your outs to make the hand you think you need to win or just play whatever strategy will get your opponent to fold independent of what cards you hold.

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    Card Player ( has a good calculator, you don't have to put in all hands, just the two you want. As for your example:
    Pair of 2's: 48.98% chance of winning
    AJ suited: 50.41% chance of winning
    and a slight chance of a tie.

    Closer to what you are looking for is here:
    scroll down for the "Hand Matchups"
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    Here's what I use. I right clicked on the table then copy/pasted it onto Word (or w/e). I then resized it so I could laminate it into a card I could fit into my wallet. Now I always know my odds when I play in my buddies' monthly tournaments.

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