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Seed of Chucky Review (1 Viewer)

Dave Hackman

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 11, 2000
Parentless doll child flies out to California in hope of meeting its mom and pop. Once there it revives two dolls, which happen to be Chucky and Tiffany with a voodoo incantation. Once awake and over the shock that they produced such a hideous looking child they set out to leave their made in Japan bodies and become flesh and blood humans. They plan on switching their souls with Jennifer Tilly and Redman and create a real child they both can be proud of. Jennifer Tilly is a struggling actress unable to get work and believes sleeping with Redman; the Director of a new film will help her get the lead role. Redman would rather cast his first choice Julia Roberts but is willing to give Tilly a chance to change his mind. The doll family follow Tilly to her home and attempt to put their plan into action but end up bickering about the effect violence plays on the growth of their newly discovered child. A decision to stop killing is somewhat agreed upon by both adults but it doesn’t last long. Both fall off the wagon and inflict their terror on nearby bags of water. The young child puppet spends most of his time in an identity crisis unclear whether to become a boy or a girl. Since it has no sexual reproductive organs it is caught between his fathers desire for a boy and his mothers wish for a girl.

This is an extremely stupid story with silly meaningless deaths that don’t gore you they bore you. Chucky is definitely inferior to Freddy when it comes to comedic wit and his dialog wears thin ½ hour into the movie. What this movie does do is clarify the fact that Don Mancini is out of good ideas.



Supporting Actor
Sep 23, 2003
The third entrée in the franchise never resolved the Andy Barclay story-arc to satisfactory.

Ryan Wishton

May 17, 2003
I sadly have to agree.

This movie was just downright juvenile. It's really immature. It's really hard to explain what I mean if you have no clue what I am talking about.

I remember Bride of Chucky entertaining me for 90 minutes back in 1998, but this just couldnt pull it off. I didnt really care for it on repeats, but it did originally entertain me the first time I saw it.

As for this movie. I knew the movie was in no way going to be scary. I knew the movie was in no way going to be a horror movie. I knew it was shooting for a comedy. Even knowing all this, I still came away very disappointed.

There were two scenes or so that worked well, but....

I actually probably liked this the least of the series.

I did like the first movie because it was from my time period, I used to have that damn popular doll the movie was really based on, and it just seemed to have some energy for it's time.

It's really kind of sad knowing the cast wanted to do a good job. I have respect for the cast. I just dont like the actual movie. Oh well.

Robert Ringwald

Senior HTF Member
May 16, 2001
I don't think there was a "good guy" doll. You might be talking about the my buddy doll, but those aren't particularly similar to chucky's look in any way.

I found it to be a disappointment, but not horrible. I settled on :star: :star: :star:

It only works if you think of it as a hollywood satire, and not a sequel to four other films. Even at that it falls short though. But there was something bizarre about the movie. It felt like none I'd ever seen before. The story and the forwarding of the plot were absolutely ridiculous. I'd recommend it simply to see a strange and odd film that was almost like no other.

I consider Bride of Chucky to be the best of the series. That movie had some great satire, a great nostalgic feel with the music and style, and an interesting story. Seed feel like a cheaper knockoff that almost tastes as good, but not quite.

James T

Aug 8, 1999

There really wasn't much to tell about Andy after the 3rd one.

1st-Andy is needed for Chucky to become flesh again
2nd-Andy is still needed to become flesh again
3rd-Andy no longer needed, since new body=new chance at flesh

If anything, Chucky might have to go after the black kid in the third part if he wants to be human again. But Bride of Chucky kinda threw the logic of the previous movies away with that medallion thing Charles Lee Ray was buried with. Andy isn't really needed, unless Chucky just wants to get revenge, which he tried for two sequels already.

I haven't seen Seed of Chucky, but Chucky was pretty funny in the other ones. Like in Part 3 when he's telling Andy he found a new host, "Just think, Chucky's gonna be a bro". Just thinking about that quote makes me laugh.


Ryan Wishton

May 17, 2003
Oh, I forget to give my grade.


Here are my grades for the series:

Child's Play: B
Child's Play 2: D-
CHild's Play 3: D-
Bride of Chucky: First Viewing B-. Repeat Viewing D
Seed of Chucky: D-/F+

Thinking about it, Seed of Chucky reminded me of Halloween Ressurection in a way. Not sure why.

Freddy vs Jason, Alien vs Predator, Seed of Chucky, The Saw, The Grudge, Halloween: Ressurection. Damn. After seeing all these sinkers and stinkers in a row, my Horror cravings are seriously dwindling to the size of a peanut. Maybe I am just getting too old for this shit. Hopefully, it's just crap quality and not my opinions changing. I hope I dont begin seeing what the critics and half of society do. That wouldnt be much fun and I have dismissed society viewpoints long ago. lol.

Come on somebody. Show me a good horror film. I keep waiting. You keep disappointing. It's time now. Besides, I am so sick of wasting ticket money on disappointments.

Robert: I said what it was based on. I dont remember saying anything about looking like each other. I remember reading in the early 90's thats partially where the idea came from that. Thats only why I bring it up and that probably stuck with me. ;)

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