See AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS letterboxed on Turner Classic Movies this week!

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    Patrick McCart
    On December 12th, 10:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, they'll be showing a special encore presentation of AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS for the first time on American television in....

    it's original CinemaScope widescreen format.

    No, folks, this is not a false alarm. TCM is having a viewer's request festival this month and my pick (Around the world in eighty days) was chosen.

    The head of programming went through the trouble to track down a 1980's re-release print of the film so TCM could make a fresh new transfer of the film in the CORRECT widescreen format. The ONLY drawback is that the 1980's cut is a little shorter, but the chance to actually see 100% of the frame is a wonderful way to see the film.

    She emailed me that they made the new transfer and will use it until WB is finished with their restoration of the movie (Sounded like a DVD restoration, though) and then they'll try to use THAT master.

    If you happen to have a few hours free on the 12th, watch this to show that widescreen transfers RULE!
  2. Seth Paxton

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    Wow, that is awesome.

    Aren't the original negatives for this trashed already? I remember hearing that (with dissappointment).

    Sad to think that there might be some films that will end up looking better on video formats than they ever could at theaters again.

    Turner is just kicking butt lately. I wish AMC could keep up because they used to be just as solid. It's nice to have 2 choices for stations like this, but lately its been a one horse race.
  3. Peter Kline

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    This is not the original roadshow version (70mm Todd AO). It is that version that is probably lost forever.
  4. Mark Zimmer

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