Security check list for home absence

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  1. John Watson

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    Jul 14, 2002
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    OK, if you are away from a house for over a month, what should you turn off?

    First, someone will be checking the house frequently to keep the insurance company happy, so power must be left on to allow lights, alarm, to work.

    Should water be turned off?

    Power to furnace and hot water tank?. Anything else?

    Unplug most appliances or machines (TV, VCR for example, but exclude freezer and fridge). Anything else?

    Computer and modem; do ISPs permit a month's temporary service cancellation, will they hold your e- mail name? If your box overflows, do you get a report on messages that have been bounced back?

    Telephone message machine. Turn it off?

    Post Office. Hold mail, or have neighbour pick it up?

    Any other suggestions or advice? TIA
  2. Marko Berg

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    Mar 22, 2002
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    Don't forget to lock the doors. [​IMG]

    I would suggest getting some cheap programmable switches that turn on some lights in the evening and turn them off again in the morning.

    Holding the mail is a good idea, but if you need to have someone mow the lawn a few times, that person can probably empty the mailbox at the same time.

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