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    I heading to London, England, next spring and am hoping to hit some second hand book shops while there. I'm primarily interested in Folio Society books and was wondering is anybody here could recommend some stores or point me in the right direction to finding them.

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    I don't know London bookshops all that well, but my shrewd suspicion is that you are highly unlikely to pick up any cheap bargains in Folio Society books. They tend to be a staple money earner for these shops and they are very well aware of their value. A colleague of mine used to be a manager of a second hand bookshop in London and I know that he used to welcome Folio books because they were reliable sellers and brought in a decent profit.

    To be honest, you'd probably be better looking on ebay - a lot of the UK sellers will ship to the USA. The only other thing I'd suggest is that some of the big bookshops in London may have signed copies of new books. Quite often authors doing promotional book signings will sign several extra copies to put on the shelves, and they are usually at the same price as the ordinary copies. E.g. I've found a couple of signed books in this way (but don't expect mega-famous authors like J.K. Rowling).

    I enjoy buying second hand books. The only time I've reliably got bargains have been at jumble sales and similar organised by local churches, etc. E.g. I have in my time picked up the first UK edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin, a couple of the Molesworth books, and a first edition of Three Men in a Boat. All for under £1. The only time I've ever found a real bargain in a book shop was a first edition of My Man Jeeves (i.e. the first appearance of Jeeves and Wooster) for £4.

    Hope this helps.

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