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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Michael Gdwn, Jul 23, 2003.

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    Okay so what are the minimum seating distances for 40" screens , 45", and 50" and so on. I am incharge of finding a big screen TV for my parents new house and want to know what size to get. I am tempted to just go with 65", but will I find out that it really is not enjoyable to watch from 8 feet away? Thanks.


    Also the best brands of TV would help. What should I tell them to get. I have heard that mitsubishi TVs are great.
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    I think this needs to be added to the Home Theater BAsics section as an FAQ ...

    General rules of thumb ... from A Video Standard Laser disc and other Sources.

    Conventional TV (interlaced) ...4 to 6 times image height or 5 to 7 times. (Or as close as you can get without seeing the interlaced line structure.)

    Conventional TV (Progressive) ... 4 to 6 times ... but also as close as you want until you see the line structure or until you can no longer see additional detail by simply being close.

    HDTV ... 1 to 3 times image height to see all the detail that HD has to offer.


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