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Sears is trying to lure me away from my Hitachi (1 Viewer)

Rick Radford

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May 12, 2001
Not yet knowing if my digital Hitachi's overscan problem is readily fixable, I've searched around for a possible replacement set in or near the same price range.
Sears is trying to tempt me, but hasn't gotten close enough yet. They did get close enough once, but called me back to tell me they'd have to add $115 to the price since the service I used to pricematch offered curbside delivery.. or, for $115 more, in-home delivery. And since Sears does not offer curb side delivery (even though I volunteered to pick it up myself) Sears said they'd have to go with the in-home delivery price for comparison.
Anyway, we keep working on it and I'm wondering if anyone has compared these 2 direct view HD sets:
Hitachi 32udx10s
Panasonic 32HX41
The main difference I've noticed in a brief look-see is the Panny offers a flat screen (and weighs about 40 lbs more).
Is there any significant diff (+/-) between them that I should know?
Does the Panny have a really good line doubler? (I'm pretty happy with the Hitachi doubler for analog cable/DVD.) Are flat screen tubes more troublesome w/r/t geometry problems than non-flat like the Hitachi.. or is that concern not justified?
May 9, 2001
I have the Panny 32" you're refering to. I use the same set up (analog cable/dvd) and am very pleased with the picture. My only two issues are that it shows a little too much red and the geometry is off in some spots on the screen. If you look around the forum though, I think it's safe to say flat screens from any brand have geometry problems.
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Rick Radford

Supporting Actor
May 12, 2001
Thanks for your thoughts. Have you calibrated your set with Avia? I'm curious if you checked overscan on the Panny.
I've heard that all flat screens have some geometry problems. I dunno if that would bother me or not. Guess each set would be different in that regard. Do you notice it on your set?
On my Hitachi, faces appear slightly out of proportion.. a little shorter and fatter than what I'm used to seeing on my analog set. I don't know if that's a geometry problem or other problem. I'm sure I'll get used to it in a while. Maybe it's true of all digital sets, I dunno.
At least I don't have any red push.

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