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    After buying a Hitachi TV 53SDX20BB, Kenwood Recever VR-6070, I am looking for speakers. I know that's not the right order to do things but...
    So while doing research I ran into two links that I would like your opinions about: which states in part..."Once again stay away from the mass market speakers. Speakers to stay away from would be Bose, JBL, Polk, Infinity, Eosone, Optimus, Bang and Olfson, Technics, Sony, Pioneer, Fisher, Kenwood, Bose, Cerwin Vega, DCM,KLH, MTX, Yamaha, Bose, and other mass market speakers found in large electronic chains.

    These speakers go for quantity and not quality. Speakers that are found in specialty audio places will sound much better and some of these include: B&W, Paradigm, Phase Tech, Mirage, Energy, JM Labs, Pinnacle, M&K, Boston Acoustics, Snell, Jamo, Klipsch, Mission, AE, Magnepan, PSB, NHT, KEF, Vandersteen, Alon, Aerial Acoustics, Sonus Faber, and many others."
    The other one is
    which states: "...What to stay away from
    Bose, JBL, Polk, Infinity, Eosone, Optimus, Bang and Olfson, Technics, Sony, Pioneer, Fisher, Kenwood, Cerwin, Vega, DCM, KLH, MTX.

    What to go for

    B&W, ARCA, Cadence DS, Definitive Technology, Sync Audio, Paradigm, Phase Tech, ALP Jordan, Wharfedale, SAX, SRX, Denim, Carver, Mirage, Energy, JM Labs, Pinnacle, M&K, Boston Acoustics, Nakamichi, Snell, Jamo, Lithos, Telome, Mission, AE, Magnepan, Pandam, PSB, NHT"
    Any truth to this?
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    Well I think *most* people would agree that you should stay away from Bose speakers. Bose simply are not a good value for your dollar. If you have any doubts search for BOSE on this forum. [​IMG]

    As far as the other brands go, I think many on this forum would disagree with those lists. There are many fans of JBLs and the higher end Polk's here. Do a search for them and you will see what I mean.

    Many, including myself, would recommend going with direct to consumer companies instead. You almost always get a superior product for the money paid.

    Some brands people generally like here are: Axiom (, Dahlquist (, Rockets (, Ascend (, Aperion ( and Home Theater Direct. And that is just to name a few.

    If your looking for a speaker and have a certain price range you can always search for that price range and see what others have had recommended.

    For general home theater you may want to look at the FAQ ( on this forum. It is an excellent resource!

    Honestly the right speaker for you matters on many factors. These include the type of sound you like your speakers to have, size, aesthetics, price range and more.

    Oh, and I breifly looked over the articles. They seemed to have some good things to say as well as some things which I think are more debatable. For example, I am by no means an expert but many / most people think 12 gauge home depot wire is great and a lot cheaper than other types. But then again some people sware by the really expensive cable. Personally I would invest in speakers and see if the cabling matters to you down the road.

    Hope this helps some.

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    all the companies in the second list are great companies but they are only a fraction of more out there...i would say those are the most popular among us...i say go with WILSONS ALL THE WAY! =)

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