Searching for a Progressive Player in the $300 range

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    Now that I have a 16:9 set I am looking to upgrade my player to a Progressive Scan. I have about $300 to spend. I do not need a bunch of bells and whistles, no dvd-audio and no upscaling. I really liked the Pani RP-56, but it was lacking the one thing I do need, coax-out.
    So, can anyone suggest a good player in my budget ball-park? The Sony 700 is looking good at $299.00, although it has the croma-bug, but, I am sure it will be better than my 360D I have now.
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    You may want to consider a Malata N996. I have one (in addition to my RP91) and I'm thoughly impressed with it. I still overall prefer the RP91, but I also paid about $200 more for it.
    It's definately in your price range (without the R0 modification) and it also a supports scaling which will do a better job then the zoom mode in your Mits.
    (Speaking from personal experience... I have the same TV).
    On the downside the player is a bit on the cheap side (ie remote, build quality, user interface is a bit buggy, etc.), but once it's set up the picture quality is actually quite good (for the price).
    Having owned an RP91 I will never buy another progressive player that doesn't support scaling/zooming of the image.

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