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Sealed Tempest Sonosub for college (1 Viewer)

Sep 14, 2002
Ok, right now i have a 142L ported shiva in a box i built for my room. It is great, but too big since in 7 months, I will be couped up in a dorm room (freshman year of college). Right now, I probably have a 50/50 split of home theater/music, but in college it will probably favor the music side more.

The sealed tempest seems like a good choice. Why a tempest? because my brother has one that he used to use in his car, and it just sits in his apartment not doing anything. I offered a fair trade, my 142L shiva, for his tempest, and he agreed.

We all know how small a dorm room is, so a 122L sealed tempest should be plentiful for music/movies. I will be using a PE 300-796 (the bass boosted model) to ensure I still get the low frequencies.

I want the sonotube look because it will be damn easy to make, and not nearly as heavy as a traditional box.

Basically, I'm just looking for some input as to what some of you guys/girls would do put in my situation. Am I choosing wisely? Another thought occured to me as making a nice 214L tempest sonosub and incorporating it as a TV stand somehow.

PS. sorry for the lengthy post, but I feel that you should try to keep everyting in one post, rather than having 870481 posts.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
I don't think a sonosub would support the weight of a TV well. But you could add some support to the structure (be creative) to also handle a TV's weight on it.

Dan Pawlowski

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 12, 2002
The magnetic field from the Tempest will drive your TV nuts...I tried a TV stand/sub combination and it didn't work.


Joe Sabato

Nov 11, 2002
I just finished "recycling" one of my old AR9 towers which is a 120L sealed cabinet with a Tempest to use as a sub for my HT system and it works very well in my large room (15 x 20 open to a 12 x 18 room). I tend to play very loud (avg 95 db at the sitting position) and it cruises at this level ( in conjunction with the other original AR, not modified yet, which adds about 3 db).

In a small room, you will probably not need the bass boost since the room gain ( boundary and pressure ) will add about 12-15 db at 20Hz. In a dorm room, that should get the system pretty flat; I would use the power for extra headroom. It still will not slam you like a car sub will, but there are not many home subs that will. Good Luck.


If you want to use a sonotube for the sub and use it for a TV stand ...and want it to still be light and stable
...then use concentric sonotubes :) Get an 18" and a 20" length of sono tube. Fill the gap between the 18-20" tubes with expanding polyurethane foam. This stuff can be purchased at home depot.

Mark Fitzsimmons

Supporting Actor
Aug 18, 2001
Put a 122L Tempest in a dorm room and you'll have some pissed off neighbors.

That is more than you'll ever need. I have a 122L sealed 250w Tempest in my theater right now and it is plenty. And this is in a 13x23x7.5 room.

Maybe you are overestimating how much room you'll have in your dorm. Because my Tempest is pretty huge and will be building something significantly smaller for my dorm.

I'm probably going to do a small sealed shiva or AV12 for my dorm.
Sep 14, 2002
So a TV stand is out of the question, Oh well, it was worth asking.

After seeing what my brother did with his dorm room and space, I think that a 122L sonosub would not be THAT much of a bother. I know that I'd have to work around it, but i think it's doable.

If I went with a sealed shiva, I think that I would lose too much output, even though it definitely would be more doable. I think a ported 95L shiva would be nice, but I have problems with my 142L shiva bottoming out on music, how would the 95L be able to handle it?

Ryan Schnacke

Supporting Actor
Feb 5, 2001
"I have problems with my 142L shiva bottoming out on music, how would the 95L be able to handle it?"

2 words - rumble filter

You can get an EBS Shiva to bottom out on music? You mean like pipe organ music? Or maybe you're pushing 400+ watts?

Anyway, with a smaller enclosure and higher tuning point you'll have less excursion above tuning and you'll get a higher SPL in the audible frequency range. Use a rumble filter to reign in excursion below tuning and viola - no more bottoming.

Do you really think a 122L sealed Tempest will be that much smaller than a 142L Shiva? That's only like 15% less volume. My 102L sonosub seems like too much for a dorm room. I'd try the 85L Adire alignment. Or maybe 85L tuned to 22-23Hz. This wouldn't be all that different than a 122L sealed Tempest. A little less output above 50Hz (only 1dB) but a little more output from 20 to 40Hz. And its MUCH smaller. Then you could keep the 142L enclosure at home and swap the driver back during the summers or after you graduate. Best of both worlds.

Allen Ross

Supporting Actor
Sep 30, 2002
haha i am in the same position that you are in except i have a nice corner of my closet that is exactly 2 feet deep so I thought, why the hell not and lets go for the full10 ft^3 it will be ot f he way and look gad damn sexy front fireing into the room, on my room size its about 16X10 i think.

All i know is that I am going to be very popular with the RAs and my neighbors below. HEHEHE
Sep 14, 2002
I guess it may be smarter just to build the 85L shiva sonosub. Probably in 18" or 20" diameter, thanks for all your help.
Oct 9, 2002
I built the 122L sealed Tempest and agree with Mark F., it's too much for a dorm room. My room is slightly larger than the dimensions that Mark gave. In a bass heavy movie, that sub absolutely shakes every floor of my house(the gain is only turned a third of the way up)! I never would have thought that I could build something that sounds so amazing.
I think that you are heading in the right direction by looking at at 12" drivers. Good luck!

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