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Discussion in 'Music' started by Chris-V, Feb 18, 2005.

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    I picked up the new Deluxe Edition of Seal's Best collection the other day. Overall I'm impressed. The DVD-A of both the original recordings and the new acoustic set are well-produced, if lacking in low-end more than your typical DVD-A (making good bass management a real priority).

    Whoever does his m/c mixes has a good ear for how to use the various layers in his music without going overboard. I was impressed with the mix on IV, and remain so with this collection. I was a bit disappointed that the only song from Human Being that made the original recordings set was the title track, but it's a real standout. I've always liked that song, but the new mix gives it a whole new life. The video for HB (one of about seven on the disc) is definitely...uh...interesting. It's fun to watch him evolve as a video performer over the course of the years. Some of his early videos were far more cheezy than I remember them...a fun trip down memory lane:)

    Other standout tracks include Future Love Paradise and Walk On By.

    If you're a Seal fan, I'd definitely recommend picking this up. You can get it as a standalone disc or as part of the Deluxe Edition, which includes both CD's and the DVD.
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    I picked up the SE of the CD and I wasn't that impressed really. The acoustic tracks are well recorded, but a few of them I didn't like as much as the originals.

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