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Discussion in 'Displays' started by ericSchirm, Oct 4, 2004.

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    My HT room is almost complete and now it is time to pick out a projector. After spending hours on this and other forums I am more confused then when I started.

    I will have 2 rows of seating. The back row (on 12" riser) will be 14.5ft from the screen and the front row will be close- 8.5ft. The front row will mostly be for kids but will SDE be distracting for them? Since they are not videophiles I am not concerned with perfection BUT will it be watchable? I plan on having a 100" screen and the main projector I am looking at is the 4805 (for price, benefits). I will be breaking the 2x rule for the front row.

    OR should I go with a different projector for this reason? I have a hard budget of $1500.

    Also, I would like to ceiling mount the projector at 15-18ft. My room dimensions are 12.5x18.5x9.
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    I imagine the kids won't care too much, but how old are we talking here? I'm also curious why with just two rows the spacing between rows is so great? Do you need a lot of leg room?
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    A budget of $1500 can almost (very very close) squeeze in a Panasonic PT-L500u, which has 1280x720 native resolution. That extra resolution may go a way to help reduce SDE (though DLP's have a higher fill ratio).

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