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Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Shaw, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Please join the SCTV Music Clearance Group.

    The goal of this group is to find solutions and come up with ideas to see to it that this Classic Canadian Series has all of it's music restored. Presently there are 4 volumes in the series. Each of these has had music cuts to them. We as fans of the show deserve a say in what happens to this series. It's success on DVD and on TV depends on us purchasing the DVDs and watching the series. We have been loyal fans for years and I am sure many of you are dismayed at some of the editing to the DVDs.

    Shout Factory have done a pretty good job at clearing the music up to this point. However, they may not have the power to do it all alone. I believe that public opinion, petitions and any other methods of overcoming this situation are up to us. The fact that we continue to
    buy the DVD's should speak for itself, but we can only expect more and more edits if we continue to keep silent.

    Someone who works in the music clearance industry recently spoke with me on this problem and she stated that it is the production people who decide what is cut or uncut in a given sketch. We should also have a say. We are after all, paying for the product.

    Up to this point, there has been no tag or note on the DVDs to state that music has been cut and what has been cut. We as loyal fans who pay for this product deserve better. And SCTV deserves better.

    Please sign up to this group and let's begin to look for answers. Ask as many people as you can to sign up.

  2. Gord Lacey

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    I believe all the cuts have already been made. My friend used to work at Studio Post in Edmonton; they have the master tapes there and began editing the material a few years ago.

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    I think in this case Shout Factory has done the very best job that they can with a tricky situation. Any cuts in our favorite shows are disappointing but I'm guessing these releases are the best you will ever see from SCTV. If the music publishing companies were willing to be reasonable about re-licensing music then they would be. I don't think they care all that much about the public's opinions or they would already be letting this music clear at a reasonable price.

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