Scrubs - 3/12/02

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    Once again, the writers have pulled off another brilliant, consistently funny episode of Scrubs. Tonight we saw JD get down on himself about a stingy patient he lost unexpectedly. We also saw Dr. Cox in a love triangle (more like a love square). In the end, Dr. Kelso showed his soft side (even though his "Bunny" may be the reason he's such a goon).
    I loved the janitor in this one..."Hey, Killer"
    Or how bout when Dr. Kelso was like "...then I sat on a toilet and died." [​IMG]
    The funniest was when....
    Dr. Cox whispered, "if even one drop of rain touches my hair, it frizzes up to the point where it's unmanagable"
    JD: "you know what, mine does too!"
    Dr. Cox: "I wasn't being serious you're a girl"
    Great Stuff.
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    I just want to know, how are they getting such lovely female guest stars on this show? I think Christa Miller is married to the creator of the show, but what about Kelli Williams?

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