Screen size and room dimensions


May 31, 2003
Hello folks!

I´m planning my HT from ground zero, a dedicated space that I think will be around 14Ft high, 24FT wide and 32 to 40FT long. The seating capacity will be 16 people, having two love seats at the first row, and the second and third rows having six theater seats each,12¨riser for each row. It will be used roughly 70% movies and 30% music.

I need advice from all of you on two main questions:

a. From the THX recomendations the first seat must be around 20 Ft from the screen, and the screen having 12 to 13Ft wide depending on the final lenght, for this theater long. Is this screen size recommended for a DLP projector? Or it will be seen "washed"?

b. There is a lot of "ideal" room ratios but when you apply the rules, most of them are exclusive one from the other, letting you guessing wich one is the real "ideal" ratio.Could you please help me on this? At this time I don´t have any limitations on the size on any dimension

Your help will be highly appreciated!

Kevin Magee

Aug 26, 2000
I can't help you with ideal dimensions for acoustics. For your size screen though you will need a bright projector. Most DLPs will likely not do it. What is your budget? I've seen Sony's new Qualia(SXRD like LCOS) pushing screens that large but is over 20k. Something like Sanyo's PLV70, an LCD, which I've seen around 5k, will also do it. The screen you select will also be a factor. You likely need a screen with some gain because of the size. How much will depend upon the projector.

Jonathan Smith

Stunt Coordinator
May 26, 2002
Check out this thread for some more information on room dimensions. You are not going to find one set of ratios that is "the ideal" set up for a theater. The Sepmeyer ratios (which are the ones I copied from Ethan Winer's article in the thread linked above) are, to the best of my knowledge, the most well-tested and widely recommended. I would pick the one that is the most convenient for your space

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