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    Since the 47wx49 is the first projection set I've owned, I'm not overly familiar with the tips and techniques of calibrating such TVs. I've been doing much research on the net' and have found lots of different guides for calibrating, ISF'ing, etc. But I've not found any directions for where to actually begin in setting up the picture. I had to take a crash course in figuring this out recently when I accidentally hit the RESET in Coarse mode. The picture went completely out of convergence since all registers were set to zero! So I went ahead and reset the FINE registers as well and spent the next 3 hours getting the green raster set, then matching the red to the green, and finally the blue to the red. However, once I finished, I happened to notice that the test grid lines weren't completely straight... So I basically set the red and blue rasters to project on top of the wavering green lines! I ended up with a perfectly converged set of wavering grid lines. DOH!!! Another hour or two of tweaking the green lines (and the red and blue on top) later, I'm a little happier. But I'm curious as to how this grid could be set perfectly. Is there a way to project a perfect grid on the screen which is not affected by the convergence beams, and then to overlay the green rasters on top of the grid to get a good baseline from which to converge the red and the blue rasters? Or do you have to cut grid lines out of cardboard and literally tape it onto the screen and match the green rasters to it??? And what order should you start to create the green scan grid? Do you start with size, then do pincushion, then key, etc.? One adjustment can entirely throw off another adjustment just made, unless they're done in the right order. I'd be most interested in the factory guide book that allows the Panasonic adjusters to set up these TV's before shipping them off to the stores. They must have directions which would answer most of my questions. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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