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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Paul-D, Feb 9, 2005.

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    I recently purchased the 4805 with the 76" screen. My question concerns the screen placement. Astheticly which is the best placement for it.
    Picutre 1
    Picture 2
    The cabinet below is my component cabinet with speakers on top. The frames on the right side of the door are picture frames. So, do I go with the screen aligned to the door frame, or do I go higher than the door frame?

    Thank you all for any input.
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    Jack Ferry
    When I was using the 4805 on the wall in my living room, I was limited by the position of a television and a stereo cabinet. I tried to find the largest area above them, which meant as close to the ceiling as possible and as close to the obstructions as possible. Since I was projecting close to the TV and cabinet, it seemed like there was always something on top that had to be moved. (Stacks of DVDs, CDs, whatever.)

    Guess I have two suggestions:
    First, try projecting on the wall and see where you like it. You may find that 1b feels too high, or you may find that 1a gets too close to the stereo. Second, if that doesn't answer the question, go with 1b since it leaves you some space above the speakers.

    Since a closed screen looks so different from the top of the door, I don't think it should matter too much aesthetically.
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    re - Screen position

    i believe that i saw this info on - that 1/3 of the screen should be below your seated eyelevel and the rest above.

    also test the position by projecting an image onto the wall before you permanently mount the screen.

    hope thses ideas will help.

    gil stouch
  4. Greg_Hammond

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    Optimum screen position has a lot to do with seating position. The number one consideration is that you don't place the screen so high that you end up with neck or back fatigue from watching a screen that is too high above your seating position. Reclining chairs can offset part of the placement issue.

    In our theatre, the screen "top" is 4 inches from the ceiling, and is 48" tall. From a seat on the couch approximately 10 feet from the screen, the position is comfortable, even though the "bottom" of the screen is roughly at eye-level. If we were seated closer to the screen, the screen would have to come down the wall a bit to be comfortable.

    I say project on the bare wall and see what position yields the most comfortable viewing position for you. If you're satisfied with it being higher up the wall, then rest assured you'll end up with a fine arrangement.

    One minor issue you might encounter is the placement of the center channel in relation to the screen height. Most people prefer the center channel to be as close to the middle of the screen as possible. If you're using opaque projection screen, that usually means directly below the screen or a pair of center channel speakers in series or parallel mounted above/below the screen.


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