Screen Innovations Press Release: Black Diamond Screen Material optimal for 3D Viewing

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    The advanced reflective surface of the Black Diamond coupled with its exceptional picture in any environment, make it the preferred screen material for 3D viewing.

    Austin, TX – August 31, 2010 – Screen Innovations (SI), the leader in projection screen technology, recently announced that its award-winning Black Diamond screen provides an unprecedented 3D viewing experience in any room of the house. While 3D has been one of the biggest trends, the ongoing complaint is that it can only exist in a dark environment. With the advanced performance of the Black Diamond screen mate rial, the 3D TV experience can now be taken out of the traditional home theater and into the living room, family room, or den.

    As 3D TV gains popularity, hundreds of television and sports programs will be broadcast in 3D. Currently, in order to watch these shows with the lights on, homeowners only have the option of doing so on a fixed pixel display, which limits them to smaller flat panels. For a true home theater experience, front projection is the only answer, but, until now, has been impossible outside of a dark home theater. Black Diamond provides homeowners the perfect solution for the optimal 3D viewing experience regardless of the lighting situation in the room. The advanced reflective surface of the Black Diamond allows the screen to maintain the polarization scheme of the 3D projector, and enhances active and passive 3D by increasing contrast by 900% more contrast. The end result is a fla wless HD picture that you can watch anywhere.

    By preserving the projector’s light polarization properties, the Black Diamond screen is able to compliment both active and passive 3D. Its reflective layer maintains pristine polarization, eliminating the polarity interference that creates ghosting, resulting in a pure, crisp, and dynamic image that is precisely what the director intended viewers to see.

    While flat panel margins continue to erode, installers are constantly looking for ways to increase profitability. By making 3D viewing an option in any room of the house, Screen Innovations dealers are provided with more opportunities to sell profitable front projection systems over lower margin flat panels. Black Diamond is the only projection screen on the market that fits into every environment, including 3D, a llowing for a superior image on every installation.

    The Black Diamond is the only screen that absorbs unwanted ambient light in bright environments and reduces measured light scatter by 75%, increasing viewer immersion in dark environments. Compared to flat panels, the Black Diamond has zero glare/reflections when used in a bright room. Black Diamond utilizes seven optical light filtration layers that increase contrast by selectively reflecting only the projector’s light back to the audience’s eyes while rejecting ambient room light, including light within the path of the projector, therefore preserving the projector’s contrast.

    For more information about Screen Innovations, visit

    About Screen Innovations
    Screen Innovations leads the market in US-manufactured projection screens. We employ an industry-specific engineering staff and advanced robotics to create cutting edge screen technologies. Black Diamond is a key example, allowing any projector to perform well in either a bright or dark environment by rejecting ambient light, while enhancing projector contrast by over 900%.

    In-house manufacturing permits complete control over product development, quality assurance, and on-time delivery, providing consumers with an outstanding counterp art for today’s projectors.

    All Screen Innovation’s products have a lifetime replacement policy.
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    Hi Ron

    thanks for posting.

    3D is becoming a very interesting topic to follow.

    The 3D Bluray stuff is actually being mastered for a 50-60 inch screen size...not sure how it will look with a 100-130 inch screen size.

    Epson JVC and Sony are all looking at providing 3D front projector solutions.


    As a rule of thumb.....any 3D display needs to be watched in TOTAL DARKNESS for multiple reasons.




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    I have been a Screen Innovations dealer for many years. I also have recent, first hand experience with viewing projected images on the Black Diamond screen, in a variety of lighting conditions, overlapping a conventional screen. The BD material is very good for mitigating difficult viewing environment problems related to poor light control, making a projected image much more "watchable." In my professional experience, these kinds of screens unavoidably compromise image quality in the effort to overcome such challenges. They are at best a partial solution for front projection viewing in conditions that otherwise would not work. The extreme gain of the BD screen caused obvious image distortions in the sample I experienced.

    These screen types cannot produce reference quality images in a room correctly designed for front projection. If a movie fan wants the best possible front projection picture quality in their home, a skilfully designed system, in a fully light controlled room, is the only course to follow. Screen Innovations makes other models for a better viewing experience when these conditions can be met. Marketing hyperbole is no substitute for adhering to proven imaging science principles in the pursuit of image fidelity, artistic integrity, and viewer enjoyment.


    Best regards and beautiful pictures,

    G. Alan Brown, President

    CinemaQuest, Inc.

    A Lion AV Consultants Affiliate


    "Advancing the art and science of electronic imaging"

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