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Nov 1, 2017
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Screen Innovations Gives Customers a Choice with New Zero Edge Pro Screen

Austin-based screen manufacturer Screen Innovations is breaking ground by giving its customers a choice of bezel options on its new Zero Edge Pro home theater projection screens. According to the company, thirty-six screens are now available with small (1/2-inch), medium (1 1/2-inch) or large (2-inch) bezel options. Both the medium and large options are available in 12 designer-selected colors with an inlay of hand-wrapped velvet or completely wrapped in velvet, all customized to order.

Zero Edge Pro is SI's most popular screen, and its new half-inch bezel design is promised to provide 'a sleek, low-profile appeal similar to that of today's flat-panel TVs.' With customers clearly requesting a look to complement domestic surroundings that didn't include a standard, thick 3-inch bezel, Ryan Gustafson, CEO of SI commented, “Fixed frame screens have always been just a means to an end. No one ever asked the customer what they wanted—which is always our first step in product development. And we did exactly that in designing the new Zero Edge Pro as a brand-new type of screen, giving customers the power to choose exactly how they want their screen to look."

“We’ve already had several inquiries from customers who want to order trim to match their favorite sports teams or as the accent color in their room,” said Skyler Meek, Director of Marketing at SI. “Zero Edge Pro gives our customers the ability to do exactly what they want to do; custom integration. They want a unique product that allows them to truly customize their installation, which is the biggest cry we’ve heard about traditional fixed frames. However, that’s not even the coolest part. This next step forward for SI represents a huge leap forward in build quality. Zero Edge and Zero Edge Pro are hand-built from 100% aluminum. That means the screen not only fits together perfectly, it will last a lifetime.”

The new screen is also available to order with SI's LED backlighting options, including a new IP controlled solution that can be integrated and controlled seamlessly with Philips Hue Smart Lighting ecosystems.

SI has also introduced a new rendition of the Black Diamond multi-directional ambient-light-rejecting screen tech available exclusively on the Zero Edge Pro line. Black Diamond 'XL', which has exceeded the optical height barrier of 60-inches, is available up to 76-inches high, making it the largest optical-layer based Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen 'in the world,' claims the company. Zero Edge Pro is also available in a variety of SI’s materials, including a new 1.0 gain material named Unity, as well as an advanced line of acoustically transparent materials, such as Pure and Slate AT.

The new Zero Edge Pro screens with the new XL light rejecting materials (with a maximum height of 189 inches) are available now, with a starting suggested retail price of $1,700.

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