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SciFi's Galactica 1980 MiniMarathon.... bleh! (1 Viewer)

Joseph Howard

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 10, 1997
Ok, what is the deal exactly?

Battlestar Galactica (original series) was, looking back
through nostalgia colored glasses, an enjoyable show. Sure,
it was often campy but it had some undefinable charm that
made me watch and enjoy it. I liked the characters and the
chemistry of the show. In fact, today in reruns I still
do. I wasn't too upset when it was prematurely cancelled,
but I did feel like it still had some story to tell.

Then came the hastily thrown together "Galactica 1980."
What a freakin abomination. I've been watching the mini-
marathon on scifi the last day and today and viewing with
mouth agape and remembering in horror the show and my
feelings the first time I saw it 24 years ago.

Why is it so bad in comparison to the original series?

Hmmm.... let me count the ways....

Galactica 1980 is bad because...

1. It preaches in every story line. (nazis, pollution,
nuclear power....etc)
2. It is more "stupid hi-jinx" than scifi/ scifantasy
3. No freekin character developement nor chemistry.
4. Dr. Zee.... good lord....
5. Time Travel....what the hell...
6. Outside shots all always in the same field...over and over.
7. Reuse of stock footage.... (same special effect
shots from the first Battlestar Galactica series...to
save money.... using scenes from the movie "Earthquake"
with Cylon ships superimposed over it...eek)
8. Invisibility.....
9. Freeze Ray... zap people still...
10. The Rag-Tag fleet passes Earth so Cylons don't destroy
it, but somehow shuttles and ships keep going back and
11. Super Scouts.
12. Lorne Greene... clearly dying for his love of the
original series....

All I can say is.... :angry:

So, why do you think it is horrid horrid horrid TV?

And, yet,... I'm still watching it. ...shocking...

Dr. Joe

Brook K

Senior HTF Member
Feb 22, 2000
Haven't seen it since it aired when I was 8 or 9. The only episode I can remember is when the kids from Galatica played baseball and could jump really high, throw super hard, etc.

I guess as a kid who once went an entire little league season with only one hit, the idea of super baseball players impressed me. :D


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Jan 16, 2001
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I tivo'd the first episode yesterday and watched it last night. Oh boy was this beyond Bad. There's a scene where the Cylons are flying through LA (a simulation) and they show the round record building in LA swaying (already) and then the Cylons shoot at it and it sways more than the falls to pieces.
Boy was this show crap. I would like to know the story behind, after the first show only lasting a season, why this was even greenlit. Anyone know?

Edit...Found this link about the show.



Supporting Actor
Jul 24, 2002
Well at least I'll get to see what the big deal is about the "Return Of Starbuck" episode...;)

How many total episodes of Galactica 1980 were there? If I were to believe my Tivo guide listings, looks like there weren't that many. Anyone know if Sci-Fi shortened the running time of these episodes like they (or whoever else is doing it) did with the Star Trek TOS episodes they broadcast late at night? That bugged the crap out of me every time I'd watch an episode of ST on Sci-Fi...at least until the season sets became available.:D

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