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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Josh Mc, Oct 29, 2003.

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    Due to Ohio's Time Warner Cables inability to offer the SA Explorer 8000HD (HD version of its DVR unit) I am currently using the 8000 (regular DVR) and the Pioneer High Def box.

    I have each unit hooked to a different input on my Sony Kp-51WS510. The problem I have with this setup is that the remote code for the two units is the same. Therefore, if I change the channel on one box, it also changes on the other unit. This presents no problem until I want to use the two inputs for side by side picture in picture.

    Does anyone know how I can program one of the remotes only to work on either the SA or Pioneer box? Any help would be highly appreciated.

    On a seperate note, does anyone know if the DVI output on the Pioneer box is enabled in Ohio? Is there any way to check short of going out and buying the cable? The cable company was of no help on this at all.

    Sorry for the double post, but I was not sure into which forum this topic would be better suited.

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    Since the questions pertain generally to the SA cable box, I'm leaving this thread open and closing the duplicate in the Tweaking, etc. forum. In future, if you're uncertain about where to post something, please contact a moderator instead of posting multiple threads. Thanks!

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    I think the short answer is no there is nothing you can do to change the remote because it is a function of the box not the remote. TW uses one remote to handle all its boxes to make inventory easier and all the remotes have the code for the box preprogrammed. The remote can be reprogrammed to handle another cable box but that would render it useless on the DVR and Pioneer HD box. Having two boxes hooked to one TV is pretty unusual* so this is not something that would be anticipated. You may want to change the configuration of your set up so that the beam from the remote does not hit both boxes.
    have paitience the HD DVR is coming but you have to realize that there is a huge demand and a limited supply for these things. It may not be the cable company not wanting to offer it but SA's inablility to supply enough. Supply was a major problem with the regular HD boxes in the early part of this year so much of a problem that many cable companies just ran out because no one anticipated the huge number of HD TVs that got sold last Christmas. They want to avoid that problem this time around so the may be staggering the release.
    You said this is a problem when you want to do side by side pic in pic. Do you want to use the pic in pic feature on the SA8000 as well as your TV? If so the easiest way to do it may be to run coax directly to the antennae input of your set. I know you loose all the digital channels that way but it may be the easiest soltuion.
    *I realize that having two cable boxes hooked up to one TV may not be unusual among the members here but this is an unusual group but in genral it is not very common at all probalby just a fraction of one percent of cable customers do this.

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