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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Ken, Dec 28, 2003.

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    Dec 7, 2003
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    My cable co. came over with the intention of installing a high def box. Unfortunately, at the moment, because of other factors related to my home theater, it cant be done.

    However, my TV reception is significantly better with the 4200HD box vs. the previous 4200 (non-HD). The installer left the HD box for me to experiment with.

    My problem basically comes down to the question: can I use the 4200HD without the high-def output jacks? I am using the S-video output to my Denon receiver. However, I cannot access a number of features on the remote such as Info, Guide, Settings. Also, pressing the Guide and Info bottons simultaneously should bring up a settings screen but it does not.

    Can anyone help or direct me to someplace to get an answer?

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    Feb 11, 2001
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    The 4200HD has these "menu" deficiencies for non-component outputs, according to my talk with a tech support specialist back in February. I'm mildly surprised that there hasn't been a fix since that time. The guide, settings, channel info screen, etc. will not show through my composite connection, and S-Video should be the same (note that these screens are still active though, so you could be making setting changes and such without knowing it; hit Exit a couple of times to make sure you're out of any menu; I think they do timeout as well). This does limit what you can do without the component connection.

    By the way, the Picture Format setup you mention (Guide and Info buttons on the cable box simultaneously with the power turned off) is also AWOL for non-component in the same manner as the other menus. If you're able to get a proper aspect ratio and size picture with your S-Video connection and the default Picture Format setting, then it may be worth it for you to stick with these deficiencies until you're component-ready.


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