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florence franks

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 23, 1999
Ever like a movie just because of its atmosphere?(Local, nature etc)

Okay I'll have to admit to watchin first two friday the 13th's all time just for woodsie,summer camp setting. I watch Gorky Park all time even though I sure was not filmed anywhere near Russia but quiet winter setting rules.

Anyone recommend any films to get on dvd that have great atmosphere as well? Great winter, snow settings, or friday the 13th nature setting? Hey if you look away at right time no one get corked at all :)


May 14, 2003
well, it's not EXACTLY the same kind of thing you're talking about, since it's not a purely natural setting, but i really love some of the shots and settings in Le Mans. Great footage of the cars tearing around the French countryside. no dialog for the first half hour. that's some nice atmosphere . . . . .

John Stone

Supporting Actor
Aug 5, 2001
I love to watch The 'Burbs on bright Sunday afternoons after I have been working in the yard all day.

On dreary, rainy days nothing beats Taxi Driver or Se7en. If it's cold, dreary and raining, I like to watch The Exorcist.

For some reason the weather outside really seems to influences my movie watching mood. :)

Felix Martinez

Aug 27, 2001
South Florida
Real Name
Felix E. Martinez
The Shining. Would love to spend the weekend in the Overlook Hotel (not necessarily in room 217). Too bad it's a set!


Gordon McMurphy

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2002
The Countryside And Jungle

War And Peace (1968, Sergei Bondarchuk)

The Duellists (1977, Ridley Scott)

Miller's Crossing (1990, Joel Coen)

The Virgin Spring (1961, Ingmar Bergman)

Aguirre: The Wrath Of God (1972, Werner Herzog)

Fitzcarraldo (1982, Werner Herzog)

Deliverance (1972, John Boorman)

Southern Comfort (1981, Walter Hill)

Picnic At Haning Rock (1975, Peter Weir)

Walkabout (1970, Nicholas Roeg)

Witchfinder General (1968, Michael Reeves)

Out At Sea

Jaws (1975, Steven Spielberg)

Dead Calm (19,)

Waterworld (1995, Kevin Reynolds)

The Abyss (1990, James Cameron)

Titanic (1998, James Cameron)

In The City At Night

Taxi Driver (1976, Martin Scorsese)

Blade Runner (1982, Ridley Scott)

Escape From New York (1981, John Carpenter)

Sweet Smell Of Success (1957, Alexander MacKendrick)

Much more of course, but those are just off the top of my head. There are outer space films too, of course! :D



Second Unit
Jun 23, 2001
i'll admit to "the haunting" (remake). not a great film, but the set design is something to soak in regardless of what's going on around it. not a bad looking DVD either; reminds me of the time when dreamworks took a little more care in their releases ...

Inspector Hammer!

Senior HTF Member
Mar 15, 1999
Houston, Texas
Real Name
John Williamson
I agree 100% that the weather has a lot to do with which film I feel like watching.

On really rainy days, I like to watch The Crow, the film has an air of death and despair about it that makes it a winner.

Other of my favorite atmosphere films are...

The Relic Uses lighting and darkness to great effect, plus the monster is piss your pants scary.

Evil Dead 2 It just feels like your trapped in that cabin with Ash. Plus with the fog outside, the cold air and the trees, the film has a real "woodsy" feel.

Pumpkinhead Same reasons as above.

Predator Wanna know what it feels like to be closed off from the world in a jungle and hunted by a killer alien? Here ya go.

Die Hard This one really makes you feel the environment! You actually feel like it's really hot in that building, plus with it being Christmas eve and all, it juxtaposes with the terrorist situation and you feel like your going through the adventure with John McClane, sweating and bleeding on the night that's supposed to be joyful and peaceful.

Carnival of Souls Genuine nightmare atmosphere, one you'd have on a hot and stormy summer night.

All of the 'Living Dead' films It just feels like a sick and evil end to the world, like "their's no more room in Heaven"

Jeepers Creepers Best Halloween atmosphere felt in a film in awhile.

Halloween It's obvious with this one I think.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Forget all you know about Freddy while watching this one, and the concept makes for a genuinly scary atmosphere. Imagine not being able to go to sleep because you'd be murdered as soon as you did, the film really brings that terrible thought across with it's atmosphere.

I'm sure there are many others, but i'll stop here. :)

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