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    I know all of the episodes of SPOE shown on Saturday where repeats, but I wasn't sure about this one.
    I'm one of those people who would like to beleive in this stuff, but would need absolute proof it existed in order to beleive. So I take these shows with an open mind, and an ear for laughter at some of these famillies who go in [​IMG].
    For example....How do they get all of these cameras in the castles? If the familly suddenly hears noises like someone stomping around, it could be some technicians trying to spook the heck out of 'em while covering the noise of fixing their equipment...
    Or, perhaps more strangly....the noises the fmailies heard, like the growlings.. Some of that sounded distorted enough, so that it could have been picked up by their hand held cameras. Others, sounded like it was done in a recording studio, and put in to show what the families thought they h eard...
    And you've got to like the host of this thing. Either he's the best actor in the world, or he really is as into this stuff as he looks.
    I would still love to see a celebrity edition of this show, and how someone like Dan Akroyd would react to this stuff [​IMG]. Either way, you'd never get me to step foot into one of these places...hehe.
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    My question is, why isn't the host scared? [​IMG]
    I saw it for the first time last night. The family was in Vlad Dracula's castle. I was intrigued by the location of the show, but the whole premise seemed silly with the hoods and the thermometers etc.

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