Scandal among the Home Theater Forum's own

Alex Spindler

Senior HTF Member
Jan 23, 2000
It turns out that previous well respected HTF member Scott Weinberg has been caught plagiarizing his reviews. Betraying all of the faith the public previously had in online critics, Mr. Weinberg was seen entering a warehouse on April 1st where the particular mechanism for his plagiarism was being maintained. It appeared that he would copy the reviews by his idol, Richard Roeper, and would then proceed to give a hardcopy version to Koko. Koko, we have come to find out, is a 12 year old chimpanzee that Mr. Weinberg had stolen from the set of Dunston Checks Out. Koko would retype the original review and add his own witty commentary to make the plagiarism less obvious. Captured here is Koko at the time that the Online Critic Honesty Society (OCHS) authorities raided the warehouse.

It appears that Mr. Weinberg's nefarious scheme was shattered by an anonymous tip. When questioned, it turns out that Koko had been trying to break free after a heated argument regarding Scott's instance that 2002's Rollerball be #1 on his published Top 10 of 2002 list. Following questioning, it appears Koko will be following her dream of being the first publicly simian film critic, challenging the "oppressive specie-ism of the critical film world".


Scott Weinberg

Senior HTF Member
Oct 3, 2000
I knew it. The guy's a pathetic hack and I can't imagine anyone of any intelligence enjoying his reviews.

Damn monkey-user.

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