SB16 ISA vs Something else (POWER DVD) -Help?

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    Dec 26, 2001
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    Hi all,
    I bought my sister a DVD player. (Lite on with power DVD software).

    Anyways she has 4 speakers in her aiwa stereo, her PC is connected to them via the SB16 ISA slot sound card. Her mp3s and wavs/etc are loud. But when I'm playing a DVD, the sound is pretty pathetically low.

    I even changed it to 2 speakers only (in power DVD setup), and not much luck. I set the volume to 100% for Power DVd and windows, and it's not giving much volume at all. I checked the cable and it's plugged in tightly. The DVDs I have been trying were set to "stereo" output also.

    Is it possible the SB16 ISA is at fault here and isn't able to amplify the sound much? I don't see why not, since mp3s and everything is very loud in comparison with DVDs.

    On top of it, the quality of the sound is really bad. It's very scratchy (in POWER DVD you get 3 options, quality, normal and noisy environment, and noisy enviroment gives a semi-loud sound but very very bad quality. Much worse than a bad FM station).

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Ken Garrison

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    Jun 1, 2002
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    HOLY JESUS!! You using an old, what you usually see in newer 486s and older Pentiums, ISA SB 16 card?!??! For $15, you can get her a decent PCI Yamaha based sound card. Since it's a newer system, I'd go with a SB LIVE or AUDIGY. No one needs ISA devices in their systems slowing them down. That's probably the problem. Also, the MIDI synthesisers on those things remind me of the ICE CREAM truck coming.

    BTW, I'd upgrade to Power DVD XP 4.0 if you haven't already. The way the older version decode the sound is just terrible. It's like listening to an MP3 at a very low bitrate. It's warbly as hell. The newer version has lots of goodies including DTS decoding. If you run it out to a Pro Logic system, I keep it on Dolby 5.1. DTS should only be used if you use the Digital out and run it to a DTS reciever.

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