Saw III Discussion Thread

Joe Karlosi

Senior HTF Member
Nov 5, 2003
Oh, I don't think I care for that idea. The main thing I like about the SAW films is the character of Jigsaw and his own personal motivation for what he does.

Jason Roer

Supporting Actor
Oct 5, 2004
Hey Joe,

Personally I agree. I think Jigsaw's motivation is the best part of the films. What I was suggesting does not take away Jigsaw's motive. In fact, it could be that very thing which caught the attention of some "master". And who's to say the "master" doesn't have an even better motivation.

The reason I even thought of this direction was because we know that Jigsaw had to flatline in order for Lynn's head to explode in Saw 3. We saw Jigsaw's throat get slit - thus causing the flatline. So unless Jigsaw had another doctor handy who could revive him (and fix his throat and cranial issues), he died. We'll find out for sure next Halloween. I just would rather see them expand the scope of the story in some way rather than make Jigsaw some supernatural demon character like Freddy or Jason. Let Jigsaw go and give me someone new. I love it when a story expands in such a way as this. You know, you've been following some character throughout the stories only to learn later on that they were part of some larger organization. It really gives me a "wow" moment and gives such a huge scope to a film.

Also, this allows for the Saw franchise to remain fresh. And it also allows it to continue for a long time. I'd love Lionsgate to see this cash cow keep the dollars flowing in so they will continue to have the financing to bring in other smaller pictures and take chances on them. It'll be good for the industry in general.



Inspector Hammer!

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Mar 15, 1999
Houston, Texas
Real Name
John Williamson
Like Holadem, i'm not a big lover of torture and depravity, in fact I believe that it's the lowest form of horror that there is and causes people to become desensitized to violence. Films like that aweful The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning only exist to depict the human form destroyed and torn asunder in the most horrific ways imaginable with no thought given to how much human beings, feel pain and how their families will miss them.

That's all I think about when I see those types of films, it offends me to see a person killed in such ways, but the violence contained in a film and how much it disturbs me personally also depends on the context that it's in.

This is where TTCMTB and the Saw films differ.

The violence in the Saw films while sick and depraved is also so over the top and absurd that it transcends disturbing and ventures into silliness. The Saw films also boast a pretty involving storyline and actually makes an effort to tell a story, albeit a very dark and violent one.

So, with that, I really enjoyed Saw III a lot and I also enjoyed the previous two films as well. I have no clue where the series will go now that Jigsaw and that bitch of an apprentice of his is dead, and yes, he is dead, he got his throat cut by a circular saw, there's no surviving that and to even suggest otherwise will rob any credibility the series does have going for it thus far.

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