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Saw Bob Newhart on "Captain Nice" (1 Viewer)


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Apr 22, 2003
Dear Guys,

I just saw an episode of Captain Nice that had Bob Newhart as a guest star playing a Hugh Hefner-like character that Captain Nice (William Daniels) has to keep from being murdered by villainous associates.

If you don't mind some observations.

You can definitely tell it's a Buck Henry show, even without the credits, it has the same sense of humor though the stories don't flow as smoothly as they do in Get Smart.

Even though I'm sure the Daniels dreads to watch reruns of CN. He's a good actor and though the special effects and some plots are off, I totally believe Daniels' in his performance. It takes real courage to dress up in a terrible super hero suit (and I mean terrible) and trying to play such individual straight.

It's fascinating to see Newhart right before his career took off, and he could play slimy characters really well. Catch him in the film, "Cold Turkey," and you'll see what I mean. It seems unusual to see him so young here and smoking a pipe like Hef. And again he's good at it,

For a program that was surprisingly for kids, there are some in jabs that adults can catch. Again, this episode was a spoof of Hugh Hefner and his playboy world, with apples substituting for bunnies.

As for the special effects, well . . . . . . I'm still trying to find the right words.

It has its moments, and its weaknesses, but I wonder why this program failed and Get Smart worked. It's infinitely preferably to most comedies today, I enjoy the broad comedy, and the bad special effects work in its favor. It's theme song is both terrible and attention grabbing. I was attempting to hum it later on, but couldn't get it just right.

Lastly, the show is a Buck Henry show, which says something. It also has great tv actors guest starring on it. Charles Grodin, Vic Tayback, Daniel J. Travanti, John Fiedler all show up for their own particular schtick, and that is a plus as well. Whatever you can say, the producers of CN chose people with talent, even if they had to deal with substandard material.

What do you think?

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Jun 30, 2009
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If I remember correctly, "Captain Nice" was on NBC Mondays at 8:30 p.m. Preceding it on CBS at 8 p.m. was another super-hero spoof called "Mr. Terrific" with Stephen Strimpell as the title character along with John McGiver and Dick Gautier. It was a Universal production with sci-fi genre favorite Jack Arnold as producer and sometimes director. It was a show much more for kids unlike "Captain Nice". Lots of great stuntwork as the character of Terrific was very clumsy and kept crashing through windows and doors when coming to the rescue. As a kid, I liked "Terrific" more due to its broad slapstick, but watching some available episodes has me convinced that NBC had the better show with "Captain Nice" and its "Get Smart" pedigree.

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