Saving Up to Buy the Right Speakers

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Man of the Woods, Sep 7, 2006.

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    I am new to the forum and I am trying to decide which speakers to start saving for. I have prewired my basement with a lot of wire to try and future proof it, but only time will tell.

    I have wired for 7.1, but will start with 5.1 and move to 7.1 down the road.

    I would like to save up until I can buy speakers that will "wow" me and not jump the gun and buy a sub-optimal speaker system. However, I don't want to be saving for 50 years.

    My first question is I am pretty much convinced that I should be buying a SVS sub. I have emailed sales at SVS letting them know that my multipurpose L shaped room is approximately 3000 cubic feet (entrance to stairs and one end and hallway to bedrooms at the other) and have asked them what their recommendation is. I am awaiting their response. Last week I was convinced by a couple of threads that 20-39 PCI was the ticket, but now I am not so sure and feel I should be considering even their highest end model. Thoughts on this would be great. E.g. Buy the 20-39 PCI and if it not enough buy another or just bite the bullet and get the best one in the first place. It is a concrete floor room with carpet covering, plain 1/2 drywall with plain R14 insulation and sound and safe insulation in the ceilings.

    For the speakers, many threads have pushed me towards the Axiom line up. I live in Canada and this is a bonus as I believe Axiom is manufactured in Ontario, Canada. Specifically, I was thinking:

    Front Speakers: Axiom M80 V2's ($1300)
    Center: Axiom VP150 V2 ($400)
    Surrounds: Axiom QS8 V2's ($530)

    However, is there anyway to listen to Axiom speakers before buying?

    But, there is a paradigm dealer in town and another thread listed these as a good setup. Several friends have purchased their HT speakers from him and they are very satisfied. I have listened to them and seem to sound very good.

    Front Speakers: Paradigm Monitor 11 ($1,000)
    Center: Paradigm CC-370 ($300)
    Surrounds: Paradigm ADP-370 ($650)

    --- Edit: also audition the Monitor 9's $700-$800

    So....if any of you could help me decide between these two brands or steer me in a different and better direction it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
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    There are many established Canadian speaker manufacturers.. Axiom, Energy, Mirage, Paradigm, PSB, Totem, etc

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