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Satyajit Ray on DVD - Jalsaghar (1 Viewer)

Gary Tooze

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Jul 3, 2000
Thanks to Donald Brown for pointing this Region 0 NTSC DVD out to me. I can't say enough about the film, but I will not be recommending the DVD. It has many flaws.
My review of the FILM and DVD:
CLICK HERE to access
with about a dozen screen captures.
I would say that although the quality of the video image has its outstanding moments, overall it is a disappointment. There are sequences in which the English subtitles are so low on the screen that it is difficult to read them and it becomes quite apparent that no restoration has been done at all to this 1958 print. It appears to be a much older film than it is. Scratches are prevalent throughout although the music in the film is exceptionally clear. I won't recommend this DVD as I have a strange feeling that the VHS copy may be of a much higher quality. The run-time appears accurate according to IMdb. There are no extras to speak of but the DVD does offer "English", "French" and "NO" subtitles (Benagli) all in the original theatrical presentation. It was such a thrill to see a Satyajit Ray film on DVD but I'm still hoping for some restoration work in a box-set from a Criterion or the like in the future. I give this a 2 1/2 out of 5 rating for the DVD.
The film will regardless be in my Top 5 of all time.

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