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Satellite TV video capability Question(s)

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Richard_s, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Richard_s

    Richard_s Second Unit

    Nov 25, 2000
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    With all the help all have given me in trying to help me with my satellite changeover from cable I still am undecided. This is the key issue that is perplexing me.
    What resolution or picture quality can I expect.
    I do not plan to go HDTV for as a minimum a few years so I am looking at just satellite for its Digital Picture and Digital sound. Based on my looking around at equipment its seems it will cost in the $200 range for Digital (optical output SPDIF) sound and S-video, $350-$400 for Digital sound and component video.
    Ok here is what I just can not seem to understand. Even though my TV has a component video capability I have read what I thought stated that I would get an insignificant improvement over using s-video based on the lines of resolution available in non HDTV digital satellite signals.
    Is this true?
    What I seem to "hear" is that my digital cable even if I did have s-video out on the converter I would be limited to 330 lines and with satellite whether I have s-video or component video I will be limited to 440 lines of resolution. My TV is the Sony 53HS10 and has a line doubler (if that matters). It seems that when I go satellite I am wasting money If I pay extra for component video vs s-video based on the 440 lines of information limitation. Is my understanding way off base I am still confused
    A second issue for me is 18 inch dual LNB vs 18x24 dual LNB dish. Again it seems that if I am not planning on HDTV with directv then all I need is the 18inch Dual LNB (in case I want to have more than one receiver). Unless there is a difference in reception quality using the 18x24 vs the 18 dish then the 18inch dish is all I need?Is this correct
    Thanks all
  2. Allan Jayne

    Allan Jayne Cinematographer

    Nov 1, 1998
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    The only significance between composite, s-video, or component video from a satellite or cable system has to do with comb filters.
    Each channel provides a signal in one of these forms:
    1. Regular analog, resembles an over the air NTSC (or PAL) channel,
    2. An analog signal but digitized,
    3. Digital, but not necessarily in the same format as ATSC DTV or HDTV.
    For the first two, the choice is between composite or S-video if you don't have component inputs on the TV, or between composite and component if you do have component inputs on both cable/satellite box and TV. Use what looks best. The best resolution is 330 lines (across a distance equal to the picture height @ 4;3).
    S-video or component from the cable/sat. box relies on the box' comb filter for the first two kinds of signals, the third kind doesn't need it. Composite from the box relies on the TV's comb filter.
    For the third, component is best, S-video next, use composite only if nothing else works. Resolution can be as good as the original source, which is 480 lines (640 x 480) or 540 lines (approx. 720 x 480) for ATSC 480i or 480p even for composite, subject to the quality of the cable/sat. box.
    Don't worry about 330 or 440 lines of resolution.
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