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Tamer C

Apr 25, 2003
Hi everyone,

The search function is down so I couldn't do much searching.

Can you guys recommend the top satellite speakers that sounds great and look great too? I have a small living room and need to hook these to the walls.



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May 30, 2000
NW Wisconsin
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The Energy Take 5.2 models are a great sounding little speaker ay about $100 per. They come with their own wall mounting hardare too. You will definately need a sub with them as they are petite. :emoji_thumbsup:

Marc H

Second Unit
Aug 22, 2001
The Totem Dreamcatcher system meets your described requirements quite well.
Beautifull finish selections in real veneers.
Totem website

Energy's top sat/sub system is the Encore and would be a step up in fidelity over the Take 5.2. They inlude the wall mounts with those too.
The Encore set has a high tech look to them.

I haven't heard them but the small Gallo speaker system tends to get high praise too for looks.


Jan 16, 2003
I second the Energy suggestions. Went with my neighbor to audition both series. Rndrd up liking the Take 5.2 a tad better than the Encore series. I don't think you can go wrong with Energy. Good luck.

Tamer C

Apr 25, 2003
Thanks for the suggestions guys!

I will check out the Encore from energy and the Take 5.2.
The finish of the Totem speaksers looks great.

I hope I can listen to them somewhere.


Mar 15, 2003
if you can tell us your budget, it can help narrow down the number of options out there for you...
personally, for small sat/sub packages, I like Axiom because they use a quadpolar design for thier surround speakers...and they sound great too. I've also heard the Athena Point 5, which is also a very good package for it's size and price.

Pablo Abularach

Supporting Actor
May 27, 2002
JBL N24 have a wall moutning option, and are decent speakers.

From JBL.com
• Wall-mount brackets are included. Optional floor stands (FSN24) are available.
If you are planning on setting a 5.1 setup, consider
JBL NSP1II 5-Piece Home-Cinema Speaker Package $219

Or you could buy speaker bracelets, and go with any bookshelf you want, one of best bracelets in the market are
B-Tech BT77 $60

If you can, buy Ascend Acoustic great bookshelfs.

Hope this helps,


Feb 21, 2003
if you dont mind getting bigger speakers

i have mirage avs-200 speakers (almost identical to th energy take's)

and energy c-1's

the size of the c-1's allows for much fuller sound and i think sound much better for slightly more money, and are a great deal

Tamer C

Apr 25, 2003
Thanks for the reples everyone!

I will have to compare all the ones you suggested and read reviews, listen, etc.

My budget is not more than $1000 for speakers.

Michael Mathius

Senior HTF Member
Nov 12, 2000
With your budget you can easily get the Energy Encores. I have them in my Loft theater and they look and sound great. I added a 12" Energy sub for more bass. You can never have enough bass.:D


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 24, 2002
Hi Tamer,

Welcome to HTF!

You have already received some great advice regarding the Energy Take 5.2 and Encore systems. Another I would highly recommend is the Polk Audio RM6700. Like the Energy speakers, the Polks are small and easy to wall-mount. They are available in black, white and "titanium," a silvery-grayish color that is a good match with so many of todays silver-colored TVs. I have listened to the Polks and really like them -- very open and airy for the under $1,000 price range. I thought they blended with the matching sub (in this case the Polk PSW303) better than most ultra-small sub/sat systems I've heard. I wish Polk included wall mounting hardware as does Energy, that would be a nice perk, but wall mounts for the Polks are easy to find as they have both keyhole and threaded mounts.

There are some good reviews of both the Polk's and the Energy's at CNET. CNET has made some funky changes to their website over the past couple of days, so here are some links which should make things easier for you:



You might also want to check out this CNET review -- in your price/size range and very good speakers:


My final recommendation -- not easy to find, but worth the effort: RBH Compact Theater 5.1 The list on this set-up is $1100. for the 5.1 version (a 7.1 is also available). If you could find an authorized dealer who would knock off 10-15%, you'd be getting a heck of a deal on great sounding speakers. Check out the RBH website: http//:www.rbhsound.com Also, good reviews of these speakers can be found with a google search.

Good luck and please let us all know what you ended up listening to and what you decided to buy.



Second Unit
Dec 2, 2002
Aperion Audion (www.aperionaudio.com)are great sounding speakers and look better than most of the speakers mentioned so far. They produce a very good sound stage and blend well with high quality subs.

Tamer C

Apr 25, 2003
Thanks Debbie for all the links and recommendations!! :D They were very helpful. The Polk RM6700 looks great in Titanium. My TV is a Sony 36" XBR with the silvery finish and these speakers would compliment the tv well. Soon I will need to research an AMP. I will read the reviews on cnet. They seem to like the Polk.

Michael, yes the Energy Encores are on my list. So far I my choices are:

1. Energy Take 5.2
2. Energy Encore
3. Polk Audio RM6700
4. Totem

BrianAE, the Aperion don't seem to be satellites and I dont have space for bookshelf speakers.

Jason, I initially wanted to go for the Bose acoustimass 15. But after all I have read on the net about them and reviews, I backed off. They seem to just be marketed well.

Thanks for the input everyone.

Phil Iturralde

Oct 7, 1998
If performance vs. cost is of any interest, then I would recommend that you ADD to your audition list the JBL NSP1's (comes with four JBL N24's / one JBL N-Center w/wall omni-mount brackets & tools) and then add just about any sub of your choice (my brother bought the SVS 25-31PCi to complete his NSP1's HT setup), ... since the JBL NSP1 has usable documented objective benchmarked lower frequency** extending down to 89 Hz vs. the Take 5.2 - 110 Hz for the Fronts and Surrounds.

**Objective test documented by Sound&Vision Magazine and using the same Standard Speaker Test by Tom Nousaine, the JBL NSP1's also extends out to 18.9 kHz Fronts / 18.3 kHz Surrounds vs. Take 5.2 - 16.3 kHz Fronts / 13.2 kHz Surrounds. See the actual JBL NSP1 Speaker Graph Here - (other S&V Speaker Graphs for comparisons including Take 5.2, Encore & Bose AM-15).

My Yamaha's R-V905/RX-V595 fixed 90 Hz x-over blends the lower bass frequency to JBL NSP1's with no upper bass / lower-mid frequency hole from my AudioSource SW15 200w 15" sub - vacation house.

The JBL are also more dynamic (JBL trait), ... & after REFERENCE Calibrating the JBL's, it sounds more like your real*** local Cinema Theater ((actually better - w/powered-sub) vs. Home Theater, ... especially if HT is your priority.

***Beside personal experience (my JBL NSP1/AudioSource SW15 200w 15" sub & Yamaha R-V905/RX-V595 @ my vacation house), the 'real' theater comment from Brent Butterworth in his JBL NSP1 Speaker Review ...

"As for the NSP1 system's sound, starting with music only, the first thing you'll notice is that it produces surprisingly full audio. Jazz CDs sound rich and clear, . . . Trumpets and saxophones come through with terrific, brassy texture and bite, . . . Vocals are uniformly good--articulate, focused, and well balanced. With orchestral music, the N24s throw a relatively wide soundstage, with more than a hint of depth (that is, of the sonic space extending beyond the speakers).

With DVD-videos, vocal clarity is enhanced by the N-Center, which does a great job of routing the dialogue to the screen. Considering its small size, the complete NSP1 system exhibits very good dynamics, and JBL's close attention to driver matching yields a seamless transition from speaker to speaker, creating a wonderfully complete sonic environment.

Adding a subwoofer to the NSP1 brings out the full glory of 5.1-channel sound
(having, as it does, a dedicated low-frequency effects channel--the ".1" in 5.1), and it's worth noting that subwoofers not only make a big difference with action films but bring fullness to all program material, whether cinematic or musical. ...

To say that JBL has a good reputation in the pro-audio world is an understatement. A staggering 70 percent of the world's theaters, concert halls, and recording studios are equipped with JBL speakers. With the NSP1, JBL brings that experience home at a very attractive price. Minor complaints aside, the NSP1 is a sweet little home-theater speaker package."
For more JBL N-Series (& S-Series) Speaker INFO & Reviews w/links, see my web page Why you should add JBL N & S Series to your audition list!

NOTE: Because my website is "FREE", hosted by GeoCities, if too many HT enthusiasts visit, GeoCities will shut it down for an hour or so because it exceeded the specified 'freebie' Data Transfer Rate. Sorry about that, just bookmark it and visit my site an hour later or when everyone has gone to bed!

Have fun auditioning,


Stunt Coordinator
Mar 14, 2002

Are you just using these for Home Theater or do you want to listen to music too? How big is your room? What kind of music do you like? How small is small? :D Does the $1000 include the subwoofer?

If you want to use them primarily for HT, make sure you get a sub. If you want music, make sure you audition the speakers with the type of music you like. For example, I really like the gallo speakers for vocal jazz. However, I don't care for them as much with classical or rock music.

If you plan on directly wiring the satellites to your receiver (or amp) rather than wiring them through the subwoofer, make sure your receiver has a flexible crossover or the frequency range for the satellites matches the crossover frequency in the receiver. For example, you don't want to buy a receiver with the typical 80 Hz crossover if your satellites only reach down to 110 Hz.

Here's a partial list of some other options
1. B&W Leisure Monitors w/ sub of your choice.
2. Mirage Omnistats -- Lots of people love these.
2. M&K Xenon -- Good reputation
3. Boston Acoustics 1000? series -- Seemed "bright" to me.
4. Gallo A'Diva, Micro or Due -- I like this line
5. Morel SA-1 -- Well thought of by Sound&Vision
6. Kef KHT 2005 -- Good reviews but I didn't care for it.
7. Klipsch Quintet -- Smallest horn loaded speaker

Remember that as you go above 80 Hz, sound becomes more and more directional. This means that if you go with satellites that only go down to 120 Hz or so, it may impact imaging.

Good luck with your search.

Take care.

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