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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Haru, Jan 17, 2004.

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    i was really turned on by the idea of commercial free radio that stays on channel no matter how far you drive. To give you an idea of how much I hate commercials, consider that i have a $20,000 hometheater system and it runs just a few hours a month of DVD time because i REFUSE to watch TV with commercial advertising. I NEVER EVER EVER listen to broadcast radio. At home or at school, I listen to streaming NPR or BBC.

    The fact is that i like talk radio a lot. My problem with music is that if its not exactly what I specifically want to hear, it annoys me. THere just is no way for any radio station to play an hour of music and keep me tuned in because if it is not a song that I know and like, I don't want to hear it. But, I will still listen to jazz, classical, latin, classic rock for a few minutes at a time in hopes of hearing something I like.

    But what I want most from radio is talk. intelligent news, analysis and discussion of current affairs, politics, art, etc will keep me engrossed for hours. no journey on the road is too long if I keep getting input for my brain to process.

    But how many talk stations do you get away from the metros? I have not known any having lived in 5 states in the last 10 years. And when I do get talk, its crammed with commercials, obnoxious political propaganda personalities, too much focus on meaningless topics like what oprah is doing and not nearly enough coverage of things that really matter (say covert US efforts to bring Pakistani rougue behaviour into line).

    So when satellite showed up, I was ecstatic! I was going to get talk radio and I was going to also get enough variety of music that when I bored of the talk, I could go find something that I might enjoy for a while.

    only to find that XM does not carry the NPR stations. and that they had canned Radio Taj, a station that i particularly wanted. and they weren't commercial free. hmmmm. so i went out got sirius.

    things with sirius are good but not perfect. for one thing, i find that they have really cut back on the sound quality of their talk channels. NPR sounds far better streaming from Michigan Radio's website than it does on sirius! And, here in ann arbor, NPR broadcasting on Michigan Radio FM stations blows the sound of sirius out of the water. At night michigan radio switches to BBC world service broadcasting, and both on the website and over the FM, this BBC transmission sounds HUGELY better than on Sirius.

    I am not delighted about this. there is great pleasure to be had in hearing full, vibrant, dynamic human voices, and I do not subscribe to making them sound like they are talking to you over a telephone with a bad earpiece.

    But I can't take the website or the transmitting stations of michigan radio with me. So sirius is all I have. they gave me what nobody else did, so they get my money.

    but if XM steps up to the plate and with better performance, I'll be gone.
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    Unless and until there's a global jukebox in the sky which lets you listen to only what you alone want to hear, I'd forget about XM, Sirius, or any other programmer.

    Luckily, what I like is to hear what I haven't heard -- otherwise, I'll just listen to one of my 1,500 CDs, thanks -- and for that, XM does the trick very nicely.

    As for having a $20,000 system that you leave off rather than hear a few commercials, well, you must really, really hate commercials!
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    The sound quality on the talk channels is acceptable to me. What kind of equipment do you have? If you have a FM modulated system, that might be affecting the sound quality. Also, Sirius' sound quality will only improve as time goes on. And they will continue to get more talk content.

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