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    Are there any good websites or books that explains how satellite technology works from basics to advanced concepts. I’m thinking about getting a satellite system but I’m new to the technology and would like to gain a better understanding about the how’s any why’s of satellite before I invest in a new system..

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    DBS Forums is THE site for everything satellite related but post your questions here. There are a lot of "satellite people" here too.
    The simple systems consist of an 18" dish and a receiver, set top box (STB) or integrated receiving device (IRD). They are all different names for the same box that sits near your TV that converts the digital signals to audio and video. There are larger dishes that point to multiple satellite locations for expanded programming options and there are multi-switches that seamlessly combine these satellite signals and output them to multiple receivers.
    You have two choices for DBS: Dish Network or DirecTV. The programming is mostly the same with DirecTV leading in sports packages and Dish having a few more movie channels. Dish has a base model IRD (301), a digital recording model IRD (PVR 501) and an HD model (6000). They are all made by Echostar (Dish's parent company). DirecTV has many models made by a lot of manufacturers.
    If you have any detailed questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

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