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    I used to own one of those 10' monsters when they first came out in the mid 80's (loved getting everything for free, but $2000 was a lot) but had to leave it behind when I moved to TX. Now I am considering going to satellite again and am trying to decide between Dish or DirecTV. As a new customer, I see some (good?) deals from both and have a few questions.

    1) With the 2 receiver Dish package for $40.99, do I actually own the receivers or am I just renting? That is, after my 12 month committment I decide not to renew, do I have to return them (or be charged) or are they mine? Included in this deal is free installation. With DirecTV, it looks like I own the receivers (after either a rebate or paying a discounted price), correct? Their cheap package is $31.99 (plus another $5 for a second receiver?). And I have to install it.

    2) Can I get HDTV with Dish?

    3) How difficult is it to install? I can mount the dish to the house and run cables, but how difficult is it to point the dish at the right spot in the sky?


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    1. (edited...see post below mine for correct info) [​IMG]
    2. Yes...HBO-HD, Showtime-HD, and another 1 or 2 I forget ( check their website )
    3. If I can do it, so can you. A second person to help you will make it much easier, but all you really need is some patience.
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    I assume you are talking about dish networks digital home plan. It is just a lease, you don't own the equipment. After the 12 month commitment you can continue on a monththly basis and if you decide to return it there isn't a cancelation fee for doing so. For Hi-Def you would need a Hi-def receiver. The digital home plan doesn't offer this receiver (currently model 6000) as an eligible model. There is another offer to consider.

    1. buy a system valued at least $199.00 (model 301)

    2. get a second receiver for free

    3. get three months of basic programming for free if you sign up for credit card auto pay. (some restrictions may apply)

    4. get free basic installation on both receivers

    5. If you prefer to up-grade just pay the difference in the cost of recivers.

    as far as aligning the dish Direct TV is much easier to do. The dish 500 looks and 2 satellites at the same time, so alignment can be a bit trickier. Dish offers professional installation on most of there offers and I would recommend it unless you just want to do it yourself. If you do and you need some help I would glad to give you some
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