Satellite Dish Dilemma

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    I have finally gotten fed up with my local cable company and am seriously considering a satellite dish. Which do people have -- Dish or Direct? Why did you choose one over the other?

    I am leaning towards Dish Network, since this one has a line up very close to the one offered by my cable provider. There is also a deal now where I can get a receiver with Tivo and a 2nd receiver, w/out Tivo for $150. Seems like a pretty good deal.
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    I think the most important decision between Directv and Dish is programming, it depends on trying to find out what's important for you, via High-Def broadcasting, sports, international channels, PayPerView?

    I happen to choose DishNetwork because I'm not into the traditional sports and really only got Dish because of OLN, which is not carried by our cable provider. Directv actually gets OLN on a cheaper package, but I found a good deal via renting through Dish's "At Home" plan where I rend a PVR501 and a 301. The 501 is like a Tivo but only records stuff from the Dish, not OTA, and doesn't include alot of the nifty search or "SeasonPass" stuff as the Tivo. However, there also is no added monthly fee to use the 501, besides the added upfront costs to buy it over one without.

    Jay H
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    Go for it, Marty! Get the won't be sorry!
    Last week I finally made the switch from my (crummy) cable company to DirecTV Satellite service. Not only is the picture quality GREATLY improved, but I'm paying $20 less each month for practically the same channel package. Thusfar, everyone I've dealt with at DirecTV has been very nice, polite and knowledgeable -- compared with the rude thugs at Charter Communication (they've hung up on me twice before when I've called to request service calls [​IMG] ) No lie...I've averaged 8-9 service calls per year during the last 4 years, with the cable going out an average of 3-5 days each month.
    I decided on DirecTV partly due to the particular brand of HD-receiver that I wanted; the programming packages available; and lastly because of reading about some pretty unhappy experiences with DishNetwork from other members. (Yet, I was told by the installer that DishNetwork just bought DirecTV -- so who knows?).
    If you have an HD-capable TV, you've GOT to switch just to enjoy the few HD satellite channels out there. DirecTV only has two (HDNet and HBO-HD) but "WOW"...that HDNet is simply amazing! I can't wait till more HD stations are added...cause the clarity is simply unbelieveable.
    I have a Phillips (stand-alone) TiVo unit that I'd previously used with my cable connection. It took no time at all to reprogram the TiVo input from cable to satellite -- in fact, TiVo automatically changed my SeasonPasses from the old cable channels to the new Satellite channels without me having to lift a finger! (Thanks to TiVo, I didn't miss last week's episode of "24"!!!)
    Your TiVo receiver offer sounds great...just don't forget that you'll have to sign up for TiVo service for a $10 monthly fee or the lifetime $250 fee (which has increased from the original $199 fee I paid).
    Whichever package you choose, you won't be sorry that you dropped the cable. It felt so GREAT to FINALLY cancel that cable service, and drop off their cheap set-top "digital" boxes!! [​IMG] I'd been threatening to get satellite for years and my only regret is not doing it sooner!!!!
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