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    have a question about sattelite dishes. i have had direct tv with an rca reciever. When you go into the setup menu and go to dish pointing to check the signal strength, you can change the transponder number. i was just wondering what this is for. i can go from 1 all the way to 32. each transponder has a little different signal strength. does anyone know why you change these. i was just wondering because i am having problems with signal strength( due to trees being in the way.) all transponders give a signal strength of between 40-60 except for # 28 which gives a strength of 84. any thoughts. thanks
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    Each transponder carries between one and a dozen channels. When you change the channel, the receiver will automatically tune into the correct transponder. There are some even number transponders carrying local channels that are on the spot beam satellite. Each beam is aimed at the city and covers an area with a radius of about 100 miles or so. With this technology, transponder frequecies can be re-used. If a beam isn't aimed at your city, then you will get a very low (or even 0) signal strength on that transponder.

    You are able to check the signal strength of each transponder for troubleshooting. If you have a cable or switch problem, sometimes you can only get signals on odd or even transponders. If your LNB is going out, you may lose a single (non-spot beam) transponder.

    With a signal strength as low as yours, I would try to find a better place to mount the dish.

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    Also, your signal strength should be fairly constant, if it is moving all over and/or jumps up and down when the wind blows then you have some leaf issues. On my system when the wind blew I got readings all over the place or no readings at all. So I moved my dish 90' out in the backyard to give myself another 3-5 years before some more of my neighbors trees block the last remaining south view. After that I would have to buy a ham radio tower or C-4.[​IMG]

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