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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by steve_jk, Jul 24, 2006.

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    I think this is the right forum to ask this:

    My current setup. Comcast cable comes into the house and goes thru a 4 way splitter. This is a small RCA model I bought at Home Depot years ago. Rated something like 5-900mhz and fits into the palm of my hand. I currently have the splitter embedded in a wall.

    One of the outputs goes the the attic into a Radio Shack 4 way splitter/amplifier. I think it's also 5-900mhz.

    I currently don't have hi-def but am having a new room built and have started the dreaming process of the new HDTV setup. I don't have any reception issues on any of the cable jacks in the house. I also have DSL for the PC.

    I don't know if I'll stick with cable or go satellite whenever everything's finished. So since I have to dig the 4way splitter out of the wall I figured I'd be better off if I used a splitter that could handle satellite so I don't have to go thru this again. I've become aware that it also has to be bidirectional.

    QUES: If I use a 4way splitter that can handle satellite, then I figure I should use a 4 way splitter/amplifier in the attic that can also handle satellite. Any recs for 4 (or even 6) way splitter/amplifier that can handle sat? Is a combo unit the way to go or an inline amp that goes into a 4 way splitter?

    QUES: The combo splitter/amp is in the attic because I have an outlet there and can plug it in easily (& no access problems). I've seen a small RCA splitter/amp that has a 75ohm out for power & a DC adapter. Something like this I could use to replace my 1st splitter and then amp the signal before splitting it at all. But it only handles up to 1ghz. Anything like this that handles satellite?

    QUES: If I do amp the signal when it first comes in, do I need a 2nd amplifier in the attic when I split it another 4 ways?
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    First of all you posted this in the wrong forum. Second if you are talking about the wires coming in from the satellite then you cant use spliters. If you are talking about running the signal out of a satellite box to every TV then what you have will work fine UNLESS you get new HD satellite receivers which dont have RF out. If you want to hook up more than 4 satellite receivers you can get a switch (such as a 5 X 8,5 in's and 8 out's) which you can put in the attic and run your wires from the satellite to there. With the switch mentioned you can also combine an antenna signal with it and just get diplexors to seperate the signal before it goes into your satellite receivers in each room. If you want to get an HDTivo or something like that you will want at least two lines to the room with it in it. Three would be better.

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