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Rick N

Jan 24, 2001
I'm having trouble adding a third LNB to my oval dish. I purchased the Sat C kit and installed it on my dish alligned for 101 and 119 sats and did not get any signal.

I thought maybe it was because there is a big tree in the 110 general direction. I've had a hard time just getting the first two sats to come in. Anyway I decided to set a second dish in another location and run a long wire from the second dish to the multiswitch. i usually use a sat finder device to align the dish.

I'm not getting any signal!

Heres' my question. Will a sat finder that works for 101 and 119 sat LNB's work on a sat C LNB?

I've tried to align the dish by just pointing it and making small adjustments while looking at the signal meter on the receiver, like I did before I got the sat finder and I have been unsuccessful.

I'm almost convinced that this LNB might be defective.

Adil M

Supporting Actor
Nov 21, 2001
A Sat C kit is designed to be just dropped in place and it should work. I know you'd like to do it yourself but you have take in a lot of variables like skew, azimuth, etc. I'd rec'd in this case to have an installer do it if it didn't work when you just plopped in the lnb. BTW SHowtime and eventually all HD DIrectv channels will be moved to SAt 110 and be prepared to have your Directv card switched out for a new fourth generation card. Good Luck.

BTW the sat C lnb has a different voltage, I believe.

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