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Sanyo PLV-Z3 - first pj, questions & pricing (1 Viewer)

Pete T C

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Aug 1, 2003
Well I am seriously thinking of getting an LCD projector. I'd like to go DLP, but I know I will be sensitive to the rainbow effect, as I am very sensitive to things like that. That being the case, I'm looking at the new Sanyo PLV-Z3 and Panasonic AE700. From what I've seen, the Sanyo seems to achieve everything I need for $500 less msrp. I plan to put the projector on a coffee table, and the throw distance will be 8-10ft. I am putting it on a table because mounting it on the ceiling with the amount of cables I will have running into it will be a nightmare.

so, a few questions since I don't know much about LCD projectors.

1. If I hook up an XBOX to the component input, will there be any ghosting when videogaming such as when playing games like Halo? I know older computer LCD monitors suffer from ghosting on fast action/fps titles, does this artifact carry over to projectors, or is it a whole different ballgame?

2. What is the likelihood of getting dead pixels on something like the PLV-Z3 & are they usually noticable on this resolution pj?

3. What's the biggest & smallest sized screens that will work well with 8-10ft throw distance? Optimal size? Any recommendations on 16:9 screens under $400?

4. Anyone know of a good dealer for this pj and what street price I should be looking to pay for it?

5. Does the PLV-Z3 automatically detect 4:3 & 16:9 material and switch into the appropriate mode based on material detected? Or must it be switched manually? How about the Panasonic?

6. Since the screen is going to be pretty big, I'm probably going to have to mount it above eye level. Is this a mistake? Will I be straining my eyes & neck forever? If so, I will have to probably get a smaller screen in order to mount it at eye level.

7. I noticed the PLV-Z3 does not support 1080p, while projectors like the more expensive VPL-HS51 do. 1080p support would be nice in case 1080p becomes the HD-DVD standard. However the VPL-HS51 is native 1280x720 (720p) resolution, so isn't it logical to assume there will be little quality gain using a native 720p projector that supports 1080p versus a native 720p projector where the source must downscale to 720p or 1080i? Wondering whether it is a mistake to buy a projector that doesn't support 1080p at this stage in the game.

Overall I want to spend ~$2500 max for everything. Any comments would be helpful :)

Michael TLV

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Mar 16, 2000
Calgary, Alberta
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Michael Chen

The LCD panels have a total of about 3 million pixels. What are the chances of a couple being stuck ? Probably pretty good.

Heat tiles still fall off space shuttles and they put more money in to that technology.


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