Sanyo PLC-XP30 vs. PLV-70 -- What's the diff?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Lorne, May 22, 2003.

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    My office just bought two Sanyo PLC-XP30 projectors. They're pretty nice and project a really bright, sharp picture in a completely lit room. Ok, I realize the difference between showing Powerpoint slides and "The Matrix" but even so, this thing seems impressive.

    Having read a lot about the Sanyo PLV-70, I was curious about this model about which I had never read anything. It's a 16x9 LCD projector with 700:1 contrast and a lamp advertised to put out 3000 lumens. Ok, less contrast than the PLV-70 but a lot brighter. Moreover, it's at B&H photo for about $3700.00 which is $1000 less than the PLV-70.

    What am I missing? Is there some glaring deficiency about this model that makes it unsuitable for home theater? I'm thinking it seems like a bargain in comparison. Thoughts?

  2. Neil Joseph

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    Neil Joseph
    Well from the specs, it seems like they used the same engine and changed the bulb. If I had to pick between the two for HT, I would still go with the PLV70 because of its improved c.r. and I would probably use a gray based screen to go along with it to slightly reduce the brightness and increase the c.r. still.
  3. Gordon Groff

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    I've got a PLV-70 and can attest to it's great performance. It's standout characteristic is it's brightness, which allows you to have good viewing with enough ambient light to even read by. Color saturation is excellent (as most LCD's)and very accurate to my untrained eye. Screendoor is minimized by it's micro-lens array (but still visible to some folks-like me). In this price range, it's got to be one of the best HT projector solutions.

    Get a "gray" or "high-contrast screen since you have plenty of brightness and these screens really help with contrast.


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