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Sanyo HT30744, TX-P3071WH or Sony KV30HS420 (1 Viewer)

Aug 9, 2000
I'm looking at purchasing one of these sets in the next couple days. I have done so much research it is very sad. I was sure I was going to get the Sony because it was the best reviewed. Then I was sure I was going to get the Samsung because it has a built in tuner. I really want OTA HD because currently my local cable provider doesnt' have HD available for us. I just want HD for sporting events mostly, and I live reasonable close to several of the towers just outside Pittsburgh. Now we have a wildcare, I kept hearing more an more about this Sanyo set from Walmart. The avs forum is absoultely overrun with posts about it. The vast majority are very positive. The specs on the set are great, so I went to look at it at Walmart, not expecting much, and low and behold the picture was great and it was only 647. How can this be? I never ever thought I would consider buying a set from Walmart, but right now this set is the frontrunner. Basically, I'm just looking fo any opinions or info on these sets. I would really like to get the most bang for my bike. I really would appreciate any opinions.

Bill Will

Dec 26, 2001
I think "Everything you ever wanted to know" about the Sanyo is on the thread at AVS. As for myself I'm going to give the Sanyo a shot first just because of Wal-Mart's Liberal Return/Exchance Policy. Seems like a no brainer to me & if I return it the next set I'm going to look at is the new Zenith's if I can them & if that gets returned than it's on to the JVC which has been getting some pretty good reviews & if that gets returned than it's the Sony. So I guess were both "Happy Hunting" :D & lets hope not too much Returning :angry:

Jackson L

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 13, 2004
Sanyo makes some very nice TV's. They are the top rated brand in Consumer Reports for reliability. I have two Sanyo sets. One from 1977 and one from 2001. Both work like new. Excellent sets and excellent values. Zenith, RCA, and Magnovox are at the bottom of the list. It's a big switch from years ago when Zenith and RCA were the ones to get.

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