Samsung TXM2798HF hi-def (quick review and help request)

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    Picked up the Samsung TXM2798HF yesterday. After some quick tweaking (via eyeball), I am stunned by how great this looks.

    Some background:

    * Space constraints and distance from picture made a 27" tube a must. It was a difficult decision to pass over the new analog SONY sets. But after many in-store comparisons, it's difficult to get one's eyes to float back to an analog set after witnessing a crytal-clear digital image.

    * The Samsung came to just over $800 on sale, making it only $200 more than the (very stylish) SONY analog KV-27FV300 (also on sale).


    * After watching DVDs on a SONY analog tube for the past 5 years, the ability take advantage of progressive mode and 16x9 enhanced discs is awesome. The difference is striking. I picked up the JVC XV-S60 Progressive player based on decent reviews on this forum and others.

    * With cable TV being about 30% of the new TVs usage, I was concerned how it would look on a digital set. The results are mixed, depending on the channel and the show. For some reason I get great reception on Cartoon Network and I was blown away by how Samurai Jack looked on the digital set. However, TV Land was playing Sanford & Son and it looked pretty terrible. The digital set doesn't seem to handle the softness of older, faded shows very well. Certainly not a big loss.

    * 16x9 mode is great, but it would be nice to activate it with the press of a button. Unless I've missed something, I believe the TV pops out of 16x9 when switch from component input to cable. When you go back, you need to manually turn the 16x9 mode back on again. Annoying, but certainly not critical.

    * I plan to pick up the digital cables for Nintendo Gamecube soon. Will have to report back on that.

    * The remote is a piece of junk.


    * Only one problem has surfaced thus far. When the screen is totally black, the far left side has a vertical band of brightness. Although not distracting while watching a movie, it still doesn't seem right. Being that I have not used any real tweaking tools yet, I'm hoping this issue will go away. Any input on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    So... anyone else out there have this set? I've combed this forum and the entire web with very little success.

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    I have had the TSL2795 since August. To my untrained eye, it is simply marvelous! I have had to live in an apt. with horrible cable since then and despite the pure $hit cable, the picture is great. I can't imagine how good it will look when I am hooked up with my DirecTV [​IMG]

    I am still looking at DVD players so haven't had a chance to view a DVD yet with it but can only imagine how remarkable it will be!

    I hope you continue to enjoy yours!


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