Samsung SIR-S4120R...good deal...My first TIVO...

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by JohnCN, Jul 20, 2004.

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    Hey everybody...(Newbie here)

    Just went out and bought a Samsung SIR-S4120R to act as both a receiver and a TIVO unit. Best Buy had it for $249.95, but had none in stock. I went to 2 Circuit City stores till I found one that had it, and then they didn't want to sell it to me as they claimed another store had placed a hold on the 2 they had in stock..even though I was standing there with one at the counter...the one I had just taken off the shelf. I am sure they did not want to price match Best Buy, but I had the little display card from Best Buy with the price. After pressing the issue, they relented and sold me this unit for the same $249.95 I would have paid if I had gotten it at Best Buy.

    Now, I checked the Internet and see it is selling for $379 and above elsewhere. I only had to agree to a one year commitment of Directv service, which is no big deal as I only got Directv two weeks ago, and this extends my contract only two weeks.

    Any advice on using this unit? The guy comes to install it tomorrow. Cannot wait.
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    It is a very good TiVo. I have the SIR-S4040R and it has been flawless. The only difference is the hard drive size. I bought my first DirecTV TiVo in October 2000 and have been absolutely delighted with the product every day since. In my opinion, it is far and away the best standard definition DirecTV receiver. All current DirecTV TiVos are the same with only insignificant, mostly cosmetic differences, other than drive sizes. You can add a second 120GB drive if you find one doesn't provide enough capacity.


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