Samsung HT-X620 Home Cinema - Run DVD player through TV?


Mar 5, 2013
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Hi All, I have had a Samsung HT-X620 home cinema system for a while now and used it with no issues, however i have recently moved house and am living in temporary accomodation right now. I have taken the DVD player from my Samsung system with me but have left the speakers and sub in storage. At my temp place there is an older tv (not HD) what im trying to do is set up my DVD player through the TV. I've hooked it up so far with the yellow wire of a component cable into the video slot of the DVD and put it into the TV using a scart adaptor i had already. This has worked in part that i can see the picture fine however there is no sound. Obviously i havent got the original speakers wired into the DVD player but i have connected the red and white wires of the component cable into the tv's corresponding slots and then into 2 slots on the back of the DVD marked 'AUX In' My knowledge of all of this isnt too great so am i right in thinking that as its a AUX in and not AUX out on the DVD it wont do what im trying to get it to do? to that end does anyone have any suggestions on how i could get this to work or know of any adaptors/cables etc which would do the job? or is the DVD player from my home cinema simply only designed to work with the speakers it came with and not able to output sound through a tv? I've tried googling my issue but cant find an answer! :huh: Thanks in advance! L

Jason Charlton

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Jason Charlton
That player can't be used without it's speakers. It's an "all-in-one" system, and you left the speakers behind. There's nothing you can do with just the central component. A new DVD player can be had for $30 (US - not sure where you are, but they are cheap, for sure). Save yourself the trouble and just get a standalone DVD player.

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