Samsung HD931 not progressive?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Brian:K, Mar 7, 2004.

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    Just when I thought I was finally getting a grasp on all this...

    I've done some research on dvd players and I finally decided to buy the Samsung HD931. Although I don't have a DLP, I do have a 65" Mitsubishi RPTV (65413) with a DVI input, and I'd like to get the best picture possible out of it.

    I bought the HD931, hooked it up, and started to read the manual and play around with the features. I read that the faroudja deinterlacer only works with the DVI output, but the DVI output is disabled if progressive scanning is enabled. In fact turning on the progressive scan disables all the outputs except for component. I was under the impression that the Samsung was a progressive scan dvd player with the faroudja deinterlacer and a DVI output. It doesn't make sense that all these features don't work together.

    I know I'm missing some basic concept here. You guys would be *all over* this Samsung dvd player if this was a bad thing. So someone please straighten out this confused home theater novice!

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    Poor choice or words on Samsungs part.

    The Progressive Button turns on the component analog ports, or strict 480p via component. That in turn, turns off the DVI port.

    Pressing the other button, forget the name will give you 480p, 720p, and 1080i selections over DVI. I think Red is 480p, Blue is 720p and Green is 1080i.

    There thought process I assume behind this is that if your using DVI then your choice would be 1080i which is not progressive. That and they are probably writing the directions for the lowest common denominator which would mean more people have component rather than DVI.

    I was a bit confused over this too until I spoke to someone else who had one, its not intuative and I purchased mine off the shelf without a manual which made it more difficult.

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