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Samsung FPT5094W 50-Inch 1080p Wireless Plasma HDTV (1 Viewer)

Gregg Shiu

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Jan 11, 2001
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Gregg Shiu
First and foremost, I'd like to say... HELLO to everyone on HTF, it's been a long time since I last posted here, as work and WoW have claimed the majority of my life for the last few years. Anywho... here's the posting, please feel free to let me know if I am not within the posting parameters for this section of the forum.

I'm selling the TV my girlfriend and mine's television since we're opting to just go TV-less (blasphemy, yes I know) for the bedroom and getting a projector suggested by the good people at HTF for the big house's main tv, since mainly we have video game nights with the rest of the house MWF and on the weekends. The good thing about this unit, as described in the title, is that it includes a wireless home A/V center that enables wireless communication between the FPT5094 and different components like DVD player, cable box, etc. BTW: we're including the mounting bracket that we use for the TV as well, since we don't want to mount like a picture frame on it or whatever.

Here's the specs per website and manual:
• 50-inch screen size (measured diagonally), 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) pixel resolution
• 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
• Over 175-degree viewing angle (H/V)
• Wireless home AV center (802.11n wireless communication with TV)
• 2 HDMI connections (1 rear/1 side), 2 component inputs, 1 composite input
• USB 2.0 connection, S-video and composite input (front), headphone jack
• 15-watts per channel built-in audio amplifier, SRS TruSurround XT
• 2.2-channel dome hidden speakers with subwoofer
• swivel stand included
• remote control included
• Ultra FilterBright anti-glare filter
• Full HD (1080p)
• Powerful anti-burn-in technology
• NTSC/ATSC tuner with Clear-QAM
• Power save feature (off/high/middle/low)
• Silhouette editor (false contour reduction)
• Natural True Color with 18-bit color processing
• 10,000:1 contrast ratio
• DNIe (Digital Natural Image engine)
• V-Chip system (parental control)
• Digital noise reduction
• Picture-in-Picture (1 tuner)
• 60,000 hour panel life
• Trilingual on-screen display (English, Spanish, French)
• Favorite channel list
• On/off timer, sleep timer


• Dimensions: 50.8" W x 31.7" H x 12.6" D (with stand), 50.8" W x 29.1" H x 3.8" D (no stand)
• Weight: 106.9 lbs. (with stand), 98.8 lbs. (without stand)

MSRP is $1999.99 on this TV.
Our asking price is $1700 with the brackets included.

I'm not sure if pictures or links to pictures are allowed, so I have reserved posting a link to up-to-date pics of the TV until someone tells me it's ok and I don't get in trouble with my first HTF post in years.

P.S. I'll help with shipping, like 50/50 or we can do pickup from the Denver Area. =0)

Gregg Shiu

Second Unit
Jan 11, 2001
Real Name
Gregg Shiu

Lowering the asking price to $1400 since we are getting a new setup soon and this is now disconnected from our receiver sitting on the floor.

Will put up pictures of it soon if I can figure out photobucket.

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