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    There is some miss-information about this player from different Internet sellers. The product is new and the Samsung website does not yet list the unit. It was difficult obtaining technical information.

    This unit dose NOT send out a progressive scan signal. It sells for $569.00 and if you can live without pro scan the recording feature will not disappoint you.

    It is an excellent recorder improving VHS to look more like SVHS. I have been converting many of my colorized VHS tapes to DVD-R and they never looked better. This week I will start converting my laserdisc collection with "Once Upon A Time in the West" and many other excellent titles not yet on DVD.

    The player has 4 fixed recording speeds, XP 1 hour, SP 2 hour, LP 4 hour and EP 6 hour. It has has a great feature for recoring movies over 2 hours long. That is Flexible recording.

    Flexible recording only works with the timer. Once you have set the timer the player knows the length of the recording and uses the highest bit rate available for that time period. I just set the timer, wait a minute or two for it to turn on and then start my SVHS player.

    The player records on DVD-RAM, re-writeable and DVD-R, write once only. After recording on DVD-R the players software will "finalize" the recording changing the DVD-R to DVD-Video. I own four other players, 2 JVC pro scans, Pioneer and another Samsung and the finalized DVD-R's played on all 4 players.

    I purchased the player for recording and in that regards the results are excellent.

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