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Samsung DLP TV problems? (1 Viewer)

Chris Will

Jan 7, 2003
Montgomery, AL
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Chris WIlliams
This weekend I went to a local Home Theater store to audition a 50' Samsung DLP TV (HLN507W I think). The picture looked amazing but I notice a few thing that I want to ask some owner of this TV about.

1) First, as I was walking up to the tv I noticed a lot of glare on the screen. There were no windows in front of the TV. It was coming from other TVs on the floor and the lights above. The other RPTVs and tube TVs on the floor did not have as much glare. My question is, those who own a DLP, do you have problems with glare or could have it been the way the showroom floor was arranged?

2) The picture and color looked great but blacks seemed washed out and more grayish. I'm hoping that the store just didn't 100% calibrate the TV. For those who own the TV and have calibrated are the blacks true black or dose this TV have the same problem plasmas have? I hope the store just didn't set the TV up right but I it is a home theater specialty store so you'd think they would.

3)Last but not least, are the DLP TVs affected by magnetic fields like tube TVs? Can you put your speakers close to it or do you have to keep them the normal 1 - 3ft away? I ask this b/c the best spot acoustically for my subwoofer is between my TV and the right speaker. The size of my room dose not permit this b/c the sub would sit to close to my TV and distort the color a little. So, would this problem still occur in DLP TVs.

Just trying to learn a little more about these TVs. The color looks really great (excluding the potential black level problem) and there is zero burn-in on these TVs (which is great for a gamer like me). Any info would be great. Thanks!


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Aug 24, 1999
1) Glare- I've never owned an RPTV before, but I find the anti-glare on my 507 to be very good- better than the old 27 tube we had.

2)Blacks- I have an HLM507, the earlier model. The tweakers quickly figured out how to turn off the black expansion circuits, which greatly improved the black levels. Black level will always be somewhat of an issue with these sets. I find them to be fine though. The HLN has not gotten this level of tweaking yet, so it is an open question. Theoretically it should be ok. (check out avsforums)

3)Magnetics- Not affected. Well, I suppose you could glitch the power supplies if worked really hard.. . . ;-)


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