Samsung DLP Aspect explanations and uses

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    A couple of questions for owners of Samsung DLP:

    1) There are 5 different viewing aspects on the TV - Normal, wide, panoramic, zoom1 and zoom2. Normal and wide I understand but what would Panoramic be used for? How about zoom1 and zoom2? The user guide is of no help as to what situations would cause you to consider using the other aspect formats...

    2) Would panoramic be used to make 4:3 shows into wide screen perhaps?

    3) Has anyone attached a computer to this TV? Is so, how does it look and what do you use it for? Just games?

    Thanks for any and all input.


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    Different manufacturers use a given word such as panoramic for different things.

    Often there is a mode for 4:3 programs where the 16:9 screen is filled and material near the middle is stretched not so much and material near the side edges therefore must be stretched more.

    A 16:9 TV should also have a zoom mode that makes an ordinary letterboxed edition program fill the screen width in correct proportions, with part or all of the black top and bottom areas zoomed off the screen.

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